It’s the job of a lifetime: getting paid £28,000-ish ($36,000 to be exact) a year to smoke dope. Specifically, you’d be testing a great selection of cannabis products, working from home. It would transform you into an influencer within the cannabis industry. The job is with American Marijuana, which describes itself as “one of the most trusted medical marijuana resources online.”

The kind of thing you'd be testing: CBD balm, salve, cream and crystals. Photo: Vaping360

The kind of thing you’d be testing: CBD balm, salve, cream and crystals. Photo: Vaping360

What the job requires

American Marijuana discourages people who just smoke dope from applying. (If you think that’s the entire scope of the job, then this might not be for you.) You’ll also need to possess an “extensive knowledge of marijuana to educate our readers.” This covers current market leaders and market challengers. The products to be tested include cannabidiol (CBD) oils, edibles, strains of weed and vapes.

What you would do

Each month, you’d receive a box containing the products requiring assessment. You’d test them yourself, requiring you to smoke dope. You’d film yourself while you were at it and write about the experience during and after in depth with your material appearing in a blog; so this is both blogging and vlogging, which is dead hip. What you write must be articulate, comprehensive yet concise and logical. You would include the name of the brand, the price range, an unbiased review and a description of how the product fits into the market. You must give readers “the full picture.” You are free to deliver your opinion, and inoffensive humour is welcomed. This is one example, this is another and this is a third.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible, you must be fit and healthy and above the age of 18 and reside in a part of the United States or Canada where it is legally permissible to smoke dope at least for medical purposes. You must meet every deadline. If you apply, you need to provide a CV, a link to a 60-second video of you discussing cannabis and why you should be chosen or at least a headshot, the URLs of your social media accounts and at least six slang names for cannabis “so we know you’re taking this seriously!”

You should submit some examples of pieces you wrote concerning cannabis-infused products, something exciting rather than “a long boring article about CBD oil”. Payment would be per article. You can make your application here.

American Marijuana’s founder and editor-in-chief, Dwight Blake, a licensed medical health counselor, spoke of how “[e]veryone is going crazy” about this job vacancy. As he added: “[C]ome on, who doesn’t want to get paid by doing what you love”.

Jobs in the cannabis industry

In North America, more people work in the legal cannabis industry than as bakers, dental hygienists and massage therapists. While not as rewarding as a job of cannabis product development lead (paying £54k-70k), dispensary manager (£58k-66k plus bonus) or head edibles chef (£62k-77k), this job certainly beats the other entry-level positions around, such as cannabis dispensary customer service assistant and trimmer.

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