Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, murdered at least 13 wimmen from 1975 to 1980. According to a government report from the time which surfaced in 2006, he had killed even more but was not found guilty for it. A botched police investigation that saw him interviewed nine times allowed him to carry on murdering until his arrest in 1981. As he remarked at his trial at the Old Bailey: “It was just a miracle they did not apprehend me earlier – they had all the facts.” At first, he was put away for a minimum of 30 years, but the High Court bumped this up to life imprisonment in 2010. After getting banged up, he went by his mother’s maiden name, Coonan. Initially held at Broadmoor Hospital, almost 30 years later, he was transferred to HMP Frankland, County Durham.

Peter Sutcliffe wanted to try CBD

Peter Sutcliffe wanted to try CBD

Sutcliffe died on 13 November 2020 at University Hospital of North Durham, three miles from his prison, from Covid-19-caused pneumonia, diabetes and heart disease. He had refused medical treatment.

Sutcliffe acquired his nickname by disfiguring his victims with a knife, hammer and screwdriver. Richard McCann, the son of his first victim, declared, “It was never just a drunken fight. He went out there with tools and implements, and he murdered people again and again and again and again.”

The Yorkshire Ripper wanted to try CBD

In October 2019, Sutcliffe wrote to an unnamed pen pal who had been in contact since 1988 that he wished to try to resolve his health problems. He got the idea after “it cured” a friend’s son of some unspecified ailment. The friend’s son put his “brother in touch with a guy named JJ to supply some cannabis oil.” Sutcliffe’s penpal wrote, “This JJ wanted £1,200 for just 30 days’ supply so he told him to get lost.” In one letter, the Ripper wrote: “You have been like a close brother to me for many years and what we share is very important to me.” He also described himself to his penpal as “kind, gentle and caring.”

More about the penpal

This penpal has written hundreds of letters to famous people, which he termed “a very enjoyable hobby.” He called himself a Christian and thus “a forgiving person”: he felt obligated to forgive even someone who “committed unspeakably evil acts.” Sutcliffe dictated his letters to a fellow inmate; together, they called themselves the “Frankland A Team.”

Sutcliffe’s health

Sutcliffe was diabetic and obese, which put him at a heightened risk from Covid-19. He lost sight in one eye after being stabbed with a pen by another prisoner in 1997; he lost use of the other after problems following an injection to treat his diabetes. He had a pacemaker and suffered a heart attack earlier in the month. Prior to his death, he spoke of his fear of Covid-19 but hoped that being in prison meant he wouldn’t catch it. Frankland prison sources stated that Sutcliffe perpetually complained of his health and so was “regarded as a hypochondriac.” Covid-19 got him monitored more closely: “My buddy still takes me over to the health care in my chair three times a week” – he used a wheelchair. His principal complaint of lockdown was that he was deprived of cooked breakfasts.

As one source put it: “He was obsessed with his own death and worried about what people might say about him after he had died.” For his 74th birthday in 2020, a friend made him a chocolate trifle.

You could try CBD for its many health benefits, although treating diabetes isn’t one.


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