Cannabis, for a long time, has thought to only be used by lazy, hippy, long-haired stoners who prefer eating pizza and chilling at home. This stigma was cast in stone when Cheech and Chong movies rose to cult classic status in the 70’s. In reality, this has never been the case and ordinary cannabis users are some of the most successful, persistent and motivated people around – some also enjoy working out while high.

Michael Phelps, Riley Cote, Avery Collins, Floyd Landis are just a few names on a long list of pro-cannabis supporters who not only openly advocate cannabis use but who are also involved in the cannabis movement or the ?green rush?. Cannabis has not only become a big business, there are many benefits associated with the use of cannabis, whether it’s for recreational or medical use.

Cannabis has for some time been known to have many medical benefits and this can be incorporated into your training workout, with amazing results. There are several benefits of dosing the right amounts of cannabis pre-workout, one being zoning in or focusing on the now. Cannabis is also known to have anti-inflammatory medical properties and could be considered performance enhancing as these properties allow you to workout longer. Post workout cannabis has the known
benefits of being a natural painkiller for joint and muscle pain, as well as helping athletes recover faster from muscle stress. Let’s not forget, cannabis is good just for relaxation after working out, this is a major requirement for your muscles to rebuild.

No, you don?t necessarily need to get high or smoke cannabis to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis. There are now many delivery mechanisms to enjoy cannabinoids, such as vaporizing, edibles, topical oils or concentrates. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids found in cannabis. Its non-toxic, and non-psychoactive and proven to be excellent as anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and an antioxidant. Studies have shown that both primary cannabinoids, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD are excellent for chronic pain management.


Turns out it might be a good idea to hit the gym after that blunt…

A couple cannabis strains worth investigating to enhance your sports workout could either be THC or CBD rich, or a combination of both. A rich CBD strain that you could consider is Blue Dream. Its a sativa dominant strain, generally an uplifting high, energizing the user and giving one focus. Its potential medical uses are good for fatigue, pain, inflammation, and stress.

Another popular strain worth considering is the sativa dominant strain Super Silver Haze. This strain has been around for decades and cross-bred with many other strains. Super Silver Haze is known for its energizing, uplifting effects on the body and mind and also allows you to remain focused on your activity. It will assist the user with pain management and fatigue while working out.

There are thousands of strains on the market. It’s worth researching them yourself, speaking to colleagues, your doctor and making your own choice. Whatever your choice is, starting with small amounts first and gauging the physical and mental effects will benefit you, your body and recovery after working out.

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