A woman grassed off her parents for possessing cannabis. Obviously, something as crazy as that must have happened in the United States – in Salem, Indiana, to be exact. Annie Napier, 35, was arrested as was her mother, Gail, 66. Gail sits on the local council, having been elected in November 2019 for the Republican Party. Before that, she was the director of Salem’s Senior Center for a number of years.

Washington Country Courthouse, where Gail and Annie Napier can look forward to appearing.

Washington Country Courthouse, where Gail and Annie Napier can look forward to appearing.

Annie had presented to police cannabis she found in her parents’ bedroom. Officers went to carry out the search warrant obtained and found cannabis. Gail was set free, having paid $4,700 bail, but Annie remains in jail, not having coughed up the same amount.

Heated conversation

It was Officers Moore and Taylor who called at the parents’ house at 306 East Walnut Street. The father, Michael, told them that Annie, who no longer lives with them, had come to visit. Her conversation with her mother became heated. Michael informed them that Annie visits frequently and is often verbally abusive to her mother. On this occasion, Annie was asked to leave but refused. The officers told the parents that if Annie didn’t live with them, they were legally entitled to ask her to go. She sometimes receives post at this address despite not being supposed to.

Quite a cannabis habit

Annie told the officers that her parents were possessing cannabis because Michael used it continually. They escorted her back into the house so she could retrieve the belongings she had informed them she had left there. Inside, she began to grab her belongings.

At one point, Annie declared that her dog had shat inside the house and went upstairs. The officers followed her. She began to clean up after the dog, getting rid of about half of the stuff. She then entered a back bedroom and took hold of a blue glass jar which she put on a table. Officer Moore shone his torch on the jar. In his report, he wrote that there “appeared to be [a] green, leafy substance inside.“ Annie told him this was cannabis.

Officer Taylor asked Gail about the cannabis. She stumbled over her words but told him her husband used cannabis to manage his pain – “You guys just wouldn’t understand.” Taylor replied that, whatever its purpose, possessing cannabis was illegal in the state of Indiana. Michael was not apprehended on account of his medical state.

With Annie, Gail and Michael arguing, the newly appeared Deputy Lucas Gray took Annie to Washington County Detention Center. The charges she faced were possessing cannabis and drug paraphernalia and “maintaining common nuisance”. It was unfair to charge her for having cannabis, but she certainly seemed to have been causing a nuisance. Gail later faced the same charges.

A dog handler and his dog, Zuma, turned up. Zuma found 16 pills in an orange pill bottle that was inside a dresser in one bedroom. The bottle had no label. The pills were blue and marked “MYLAN 1610”. They were Dicyclomine Hydrochloride, taken for irritable bowel syndrome. In a nightstand was a single white pill marked “LU V53” – Ziprasidone Hydrochloride, taken for schizophrenia. More cannabis was also discovered.

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