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She even wanted the kids to have it

Australia has been making a lot of strange headlines recently when it comes to cannabis. This latest story begins with a 911 call to?Esperance police department which described an?”irate” and “intoxicated” woman who had a very strange complaint.

She was infuriated with the lack of cannabis in the town, according to?Senior Sergeant Richard Moore:

“She was disgusted with what Esperance Police have done and would like us to stop charging people for using or possessing cannabis. She sees the kids in her street daily searching for cannabis and not being able to get it easily.”

Esperance weed

View of Esperance

Sergeant Moore also added the the woman felt that the lack of cannabis for low-income families was forcing them to turn to other stronger drugs like meth.

Australia does have one of the worlds worst meth problems, so maybe this woman is onto something.

Source: [Leafly]

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