"She clearly understands what she did was wrong"

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Jeanette Hurst (Photo – Cavendish Press)

Jeanette Hurst, a housewife from, Rawtenstall, Lancashire has avoided jail after being arrested for possession of a £9,000 cannabis farm.

The 58 year old told the court that she grew the plants so that she could give the cannabis in fruit pastilles to her husband Roy, 64, who had been suffering from cancer.

Their home was raided by police in June of last year and 1.7kg worth of cannabis plant material valued at £25,000 was found. They also found another 16 plants growing in the attic.

Even though the beneficial effects of cannabis are coming to light in the UK, the plant still remains an illegal class B drug. In court Mrs Hurst pleaded guilty to production of a class B drug and also intent to supply to her husband.

Instead of jail, she was handed an 18 month community order after the judge found that she was not growing the plants in order to make a profit.

The Court Case

She was heard outside the court saying,”It’s been 15 months of sheer hell – just hell. I just wanted it over with.”

‘I don’t know how Roy got through it but I have been having to put myself on the back burner because of him. I’ve been so worried about him.’

Her defence attorney, Anthony O’Donnell had this to say – ‘She accepts this is a serious matter despite her reasons. This matter had been hanging over her head since June last year. On first reading of the papers it was clearly a sophisticated growing operation.

‘She explained the reason for the cannabis being so finely ground was to ensure that THC content (or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of the drug’s psychological effects) is removed.

‘That THC would result in her husband being “high” or “stoned”. It’s ironic that he, for the previous 15 years was a prison officer and for eight years was a drug officer. He has been diagnosed with cancer and his wife has also gone through breast cancer in the past.

‘During that treatment she used the oil and found it helpful. Mr Hurst has been very straightforward with his stance on drugs. However he found a benefit with the oil. He would put the oil into a fruit pastilles he said the oil tasted awful. The flavour of the fruit pastilles took that away and the benefits were clear to himself.

‘She clearly understands what she did was wrong. However, she was thinking of the greater benefit rather than watch him suffer. The production and supply was not for financial gain.’

fruit pastillesJudge Jonathan Gibson, who presided over the case remarked: ‘It seems to me that the vast majority of cases I have to deal with relating to cannabis involve the growing and production of cannabis to sell for profit or with some sort of benefit. This is not that sort of case.’

One startling thing that came from the defence lawyer was the fact he said “She clearly understands what she did was wrong”. Why on earth is it wrong to use cannabis?



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  1. what’s the crime except reducing the profits of the big drug companies. the p*ssy cops should be forced to look for real crime.

  2. I know this women , and het family very well , shes a liar , her husband does not live at her home , infact hes passed away and shes still , growing plants in her loft , shes into every drug going , her son marc even as units in manchester , bought a house cash ladt month drives a top of the range car , and deals coke , never worked a day in his life ,
    The family is very disfunctional ,
    Shes a addict is jeanette hurst , everyone knows her , shes first to grass on anyone for partners living together who should not be , yet commits all these crimes herself , and plays the poor old me shes a joke

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