What is Kratom?

Kratom aka Mitragyna Speciosa is an herb that grows in countries like the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. – basically the majority of Southeast Asia.

In different places, you will find different varieties of this plant. Those varieties differ based on the color of the leaves, the growing condition, and the techniques used for processing the mature leaves for turning into powder and other products.

Historically the natives would either brew kratom leaves or chew them raw. It gave them energy and also alleviated bodily pains. At times, they would also use it as an alternative to opioids and to overcome opioid addiction.

This difference in plant leaves is also a result of varying degrees of chemical compounds called alkaloids. These alkaloids are what give the plant medicinal and therapeutic value. Depending on the alkaloid profile it can have stimulating, energizing, analgesic, antidepressant, and anti-anxiolytic effects.

In this post, we talk about one of the most widely used and highly popular varieties of kratom – Green Malay. We will talk about what makes this variety so special that the majority (including beginners) prefer it over other varieties.

Green Malay Kratom Leaves

This particular variety of kratom has a rich history in Southeast Asian culture;

especially in Malaysia where it goes by the name ‘ketum’. Historically, it was used for managing a variety of conditions like chronic pains, migraine, muscle pain, joint problems like osteoporosis, etc.

Green Malay leaves are pretty distinct and easy to recognize. They are oval-shaped and have unique dark green tones. The veins running along the leaves are green but at times, they can also be red or white. It is believed that a plant with green-white tones is supposed to be the most potent one.

This particular variety of kratom is loaded with mitragynine which is one of the most active and primary alkaloids. It’s because of this alkaloid that Green Malay is loaded with antioxidant properties. That’s part of the reason why many tout Green Malay as one of the most popular varieties of kratom. Some speculate that it may help boost the immune system. The unique alkaloid profile could contribute to better health, hormonal balance, and happier mood.

The variety is mostly available to end-users in the form of powder, although you could get capsules as well. You should also know that Green Malay is one of the most easily available kratoms out there. You can buy it online from stores like Kratom Crazy.

Green Malay Kratom vs. Other Strains

One aspect in which Green Malay stands out from several other varieties of kratom is that the effects do not dull your sensations. Most strains will make you happy or positive and may have stimulating effects; but more often than not, they will leave you feeling passive or dull. Green Malay is only mildly stimulating which means you can expect better strength and energy without the unwanted numbing effects.

Another aspect where it wins is the sustainability of the strain and the overall potency. The higher concentration of active alkaloids further helps with pain management and gets you ready for physically and mentally demanding jobs.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of Green Malay’s supposed health benefits –

Energy Boosting Effects

This is, by far, one of the most sought-after effects of any kratom strain, and Green Malay seems to do a good job in this area. Kratom’s effects in boosting energy are well-documented and most users will personally vouch for this fact. Because of this many people have started using kratom tea as a replacement for their morning cup of tea and coffee.

Better Mood

It’s not uncommon for most people to struggle with depressive and anxious thoughts. For such people, Green Malay can be particularly helpful. Time and again, it has been observed that certain alkaloids work in synergy in ovecoming low mood as well as depressive and anxious thoughts. However, you may want to try out different varieties of Green Malay because at times some varieties make you more anxious than others by making you hyperactive which is not something a person dealing with anxiety needs. In other cases, the energizing effects of kratom can help you fight blues and depressive thoughts for some time.

Pain Management

Virtually all kratom varieties are, to some degree, helpful in alleviating pain. Green Malay too may help manage different kinds of pain which include muscle pain, joint pain, and sometimes even menstrual cramps. While some studies have talked about analgesic properties of kratom, not all kratom types and strains are necessarily equally or at all effective. It’s all very unpredictable.

Improved Motivation

We all need a little pick-me-up now and then to get through those tough or just sluggish days. At times, it can be hard to find the motivation just to get up let alone get things done. During those days of feeling ‘blues’, a potent and nice kratom dose might just do the trick. Once again, the effectiveness of this method depends on the quality and type of kratom strain you buy.

Correct Dosage

Kratom is an unregulated supplement/herb so you will not find any product with dosage instruction. Please know that kratom is not FDA-approved.

Due to the lack of uniformity across different varieties and products and because of so many variations, it can be hard to establish the right dosage.

Therefore, you will need to play safe. As a beginner start with no more than 3 grams and note down the effects.

If you feel no effects, next time increase the dose by 1 gram and stop when you feel the effects are optimal. Also, different varieties and different products, even different batches of the same product, may vary in potency and overall effects. Different people may respond differently to Green Malay.


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