Acceptance of cannabis amongst adults in the United States is at its highest levels yet and public support is growing each year behind the ?green rush? as ?legalization? has proven to be a very?positive outcome in States that have already broadened and liberated both medical and recreational

Most Americans Are For Legalization

The 2017 Gallup Poll suggested that over 60% of all Americans believe in the legalizing marijuana for adult use. Growing support for legalization of cannabis is rooted in the changing perception of the plant, its undeniable medical benefits for communities and the potential sales and taxes generated from the legal sales of pot. Recently California legalized cannabis for adult use in the States and it’s now as easy as it to buy a joint as easy as it is to buy a Budweiser. The sale and
distribution of recreational pot is a booming business in the sunny state of California and with many other states such as Colorado, Nevada and Massachusetts taking the initiative in recent years. Since California introduced a medical marijuana bill in 1996 the majority of states have either implemented medical programs or looking at legalizing recreational marijuana.

Recreational use is legal in 9 States and decriminalized in a further 13 states. 29 States have made provision for legal medical cannabis use and 17 states with very limited access to medical marijuana. Public demand is by far the biggest driver of the cannabis legalization movement and all states that have a legal market did so through a voter proposed ballot initiatives. Although many states are far ahead in the inevitable changing of laws it would be positive for states like Alabama,
Idaho, Kansas and Nebraska to start hopping on the bandwagon. Below are a couple states that might just legalize cannabis for adult recreational use in the near future:

New Jersey

Legalization was firmly on Governor Phil Murphys lips during his election and 2018 is already running away with us. New Jersey has been speaking about a fully blown legalized market. Many lawmakers are calling for a more conservative decriminalized cannabis market. Although the public is sitting on the fence for a legalized market, and only 49% of voters are in favour of such an outcome. Governor Phil Murphy has promised New Jersey a legal pot market by the end of this

New York

Although it does seem highly unlikely, the Empire State could see it as a good and adult move to legalize recreational marijuana due to most of their neighbours doing the cool thing. New Yorkers will undoubtedly bring the pot back from surrounding legal states into New York if they do not have an option of legal access. This could give state officials a cannabis hangover from the extra tagging and release of adults needing access to legal medical and recreational cannabis. New Yorks change
in cannabis laws relies heavily on the positive outcome on Massachusetts legal pot sales beginning this July 2018.

Many other states are also looking ripe for changing laws such as Rhode Island, Vermont, Ilinois, Michigan, Montana amongst others.

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