medical-cannabis-doctorMarijuana has powerful painkilling properties, thanks to its components like THC and CBD. If you are planning to use it to aid in treating your medical conditions and if your country allows it, you may have to visit a marijuana doctor. So, here is a list of things to expect when you visit a medical marijuana doctor.

Before getting into the topic, first, let us see why marijuana doctors are necessary.

Why Doctors for Recommended Marijuana?

The problem with marijuana is that it is highly addictive with higher chances of withdrawal symptoms and it is very easy to overuse it. This may lead to further health complications like certain withdrawal symptoms. This is the very reason why there is a strong need for the intervention of the authorities when it comes to using drugs like marijuana. So, some countries have set up certain procedures involving specialized doctors like Miami Marijuana doctors to ensure that their citizens only use marijuana when it is inevitable.

What to expect while visiting a marijuana doctor?

With the need for marijuana doctors and the procedure made clear, let us now look into what is to be expected while visiting a marijuana doctor.

#1 It is the same as visiting any other physician

Marijuana doctors are also doctors. So, you may expect all that you see while visiting any other doctor. There will be the usual surrounding with nurses and doctors running about. You will probably be greeted by a nurse or a receptionist.

#2 Paperwork

There will be a lot of filling clinical forms and many questionnaires. This is because the clinic has to keep proper records with a lot of interactions with the Government agencies. So, make sure you set aside time for this task. Some doctors offices also let you finish the paperwork online, check with your doctor.

#3 Scrutiny

This is one of the crucial steps when a doctor’s office has patients expecting a medical marijuana recommendation. For instance, to avail medical marijuana in Tampa, make sure you carry all your medical records (including x-rays, MRI results, disability paperwork, worker’s compensation, etc) and any documents which certify you eligible for medical cannabis use. This step is crucial as they serve as the legal basis for your claim for possession of medical marijuana, thus saving you from legal persecution. Then, you may collect marijuana from marijuana dispensaries.

#4 Getting ID Cards

After detail scrutiny, if the doctor is convinced that you are eligible for recommending marijuana for medical use, he/she will write a recommendation in the form of a certificate or photo ID card which you will have to present in the medical marijuana dispensary every time you visit. This ID card or recommendation letter has to be renewed after a certain period, depending upon the region you live in. For example, Florida marijuana dispensaries require you to renew your license every 45 days.

#5 Payments

Just like any other visit, payment is expected from your end to the doctor. Payments are usually accepted in cash, but many doctors also accept cards and cheques.

These were few things to expect while visiting a doctor for a recommendation of medical marijuana. There is one important thing to keep in mind.


According to the law, physicians who recommend marijuana are not supposed to be affiliated with any medical dispensaries and also, they need to be certified/licensed to recommend medical marijuana. So, make sure you are aware of such rules before going to the doctor. Also, check if the doctor is certified in case you have any doubts.

Marijuana in the form of strains, edibles, topicals, CBD oil and cannabis seeds are for sale in medical dispensaries, and no doubt have excellent healing qualities. But, it also has its detrimental side effects. So, make sure you use it only if you have no other alternative to treat your condition and have a valid certificate to use it. Do not, in any case, use it beyond the recommended limit.


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