What really is a good CBD oil? The simple answer is “A good CBD oil is the one that works well for the user.” With that said, not all oils are the same, and there are oils and other cannabis products that consumers should avoid. Some producers and retailers think more about their wallets than health. Now, we should not confuse the substance and other derived products from both industrial and homegrown cannabis are not classified as a pharmaceutical.

Having some ideas on the what’s and whys of CBD is a good start to what to think about. It is obviously up to the consumer to evaluate and test themselves.

A rule of thumb: Natural CBD lasts the longest.

Based on our way of seeing it, we want to strive for the natural product as possible. The more unnatural a product is, the higher the risk that it will affect the balance of the body in one way or another.

If we look at drugs, which are often produced chemically and extremely unnatural for our bodies, the body reacts negatively in many cases. Our bodies often treat unnatural preparations as poison, and we will try to clear it out as soon as possible. There is nothing that is supposed to stop us, and the body is not built for it.

Of course, medicines can help us in different ways, so it is unnecessary to say that we may not need help now and then. But if we look at the list of potential side effects in many drugs, we can understand that this is not something that our bodies like to stop us.

Medical cannabis advocates’ underlying philosophy is to try to help and strengthen the body in the most natural way possible. The angles further on here are based on that idea.

Hemp oil or CBD oil alone?

Many people say hemp oil and CBD oil are exactly the same, but is that really true? Hemp oil is, as its name says, an oil made from hemp. If it is naturally produced, it contains all the substances that are naturally found in the hemp plant. So, there is not much to think about.

However, there are producers of hemp oil that use production processes where some of the natural substances disappear in the process.

The term CBD oil, on the other hand, is a bit tricky. Most often the term is used on products that should really be called hemp oil.

But there are also products where you have separated only the subject CBD. The other useful substances from the hemp plant are not included. It’s called CBD extract. Such oil is not the same as hemp oil.

In extreme cases, CBD-like substances have been chemically produced without using any natural parts of the hemp plant. These types of products are very doubtful. Why create something unnatural when it’s natural? So, think about it.

How About the Hemp seed oil?

Hemp seeds and marijuana seeds differ in the type of plant they will produce, but these two are the varieties of the cannabis plant. Hemp seed oil is made of seeds only. This oil is also useful and sound but lacks many of the useful substances that we strive for with the hemp or CBD oil made from flower and plant parts. So if we find a hemp oil at a much lower price, and in a much larger bottle, it is often hemp seed oil that is mis labeled on the product.

What About Full Spectrum CBD?

“Full Spectrum” is an expression that many producers and retailers swing by. The hemp plant normally contains many different useful substances. When writing “Full Spectrum” on their bottles, we then want to clarify that they contain all useful substances and not just CBD.

Sadly, some production processes also cause substances to be destroyed along the way. For example, too high heating of the cannabis destroying or affecting natural substances.

The full spectrum is also used on products where extracts of other substances have been added to compensate for a production process that destroys the natural substances. For example, one is added extra turps. Thus, with this procedure, one goes farther and farther from a natural product and the natural link is disturbed.

Just like when we buy orange juice where we want to save on oranges. Instead, we choose to add orange flavor and enrich with extra vitamin C to make it look like natural orange juice as far as possible.

What about THC-free Oil?

There are some studies, including in Israel—the most prominent research labs on Cannabis in the world, which points out that the substances in the hemp plant cooperate with each other and enhance the effect of each other. Thus, together, they become more potent than simply picking out one or a few of the substances.

When we are still talking about the full spectrum it can be pointed out that oil without THC can never be called “full-spectrum” as THC is one of the potent natural substances in the plant. The natural oil sold and produced as full-spectrum CBD oil from cannabis or hemp contains natural THC, although it is in very small quantities.

Side Notes

The natural strength of oil extraction is around 2% cannabinoids. You absolutely do not need to start with any oil that has a higher percentage of cannabinoids. For the best effect, you should take more drops if needed.

If the oil is very cheap, compared to other oils on the market, you may suspect that it is made from CBD extracts and can, therefore, be oil containing fewer beneficial substances.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers and retailers are more focused on their wallets than on your health.

Final Thoughts

So, my advice is that we are vigilant with oils that are labeled “CBD oil” as it may be products that contain only the substance CBD and lack all the other beneficial substances found naturally in the hemp plant.

With this knowledge, perhaps one should avoid hemp oil that is made on CBD extract only, and that lacks the other substances in the plant. The more natural, the better, and more efficient.

Natalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works in the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. She is a recreational marijuana supporter and her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis. She grows her own flowers, working on different projects and study everything above and under cannabis roots.

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