Heart arrhythmia is when the heart beats too fast, too slowly or irregularly. This can result from, amongst other things, a blood imbalance, coronary artery disease, medications, a sudden increase in stress or problems with the heart’s electrical signals. Less than 60 beats a minute is too slow and known as bradycardia. More than 100 a minute is too fast and known as tachycardia. An irregular heartbeat means there are missing or added beats. A study of more than 500,000 adults in the United Kingdom in 2018 found 2.35% to have heart arrhythmia.

The human heart looks like this. Photo: Stanwhit607

The human heart looks like this. Photo: Stanwhit607

Symptoms of heart arrhythmia can range from mild and non-life-threatening to heart death. There might be chest pain, excessive perspiration (horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies glow), lightheadedness, shortness of breath or palpitations.

The conventional medications used include beta blockers, calcium blockers and digitalis, which don’t work on everybody and have side effects. Medical devices, such as pacemakers, might be employed. Often, lifestyle changes are advised, like avoiding such stimulants as caffeine, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, reducing alcohol intake, stopping smoking and being physically active. CBD, however, is becoming a more popular choice.

Some studies

A study of newborn piglets in 2013, one of diabetic mice in 2010 and one of rats again in 2010 showed CBD to be useful against heart arrhythmia. It’s not known if CBD would also work on humans in this case; after all, Thalidomide was successfully tested on animals.

Don’t forget anxiety

There have been no large scale studies of people demonstrating the clear benefits of CBD for heart arrhythmia. It certainly helps in some ways. Anxiety can cause heart arrhythmia because it makes the heart work harder, blood pressure increases and the body releases more stress hormones, like cortisol. Cortisol raises blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. CBD lessens anxiety.

… or pain, for that matter

Pain can get in the way of daily routines or cause loss of appetite. CBD helps here undeniably.

… or inflammation

An indisputable benefit of CBD borne out by many studies is that it reduces inflammation. This means there’s less chest pain and anxiety. Inflammation of the arteries is a leading cause of heart attack.

CBD is truly great, but it would be a mistake for people to use it instead of more mainstream treatments. It would also be bad to take it in the form of cannabis as THC increases heartrate.

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