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What is weed?

If you Google the phrase “What is weed?”, the top search result is entitled “What is Marijuana? How is Marijuana Used”. Now this seems as though it would be an informative article for someone hoping to gain a little more knowledge about cannabis. You’d be wrong however. The article is one among many anti-drug related posts from an organisation called ‘The Foundation for a Drug-Free World’. The majority of the information provided is biased and inaccurate – for example, calling marijuana a gateway drug. We’ll provide more information about them in an upcoming article. For now though, we’ll just ignore them, and try to focus on what weed actually is.

Cannabis is plant that has been used by humankind?for centuries – archaeologists recently discovered 2,400 year old solid gold bongs in Russian grasslands. It’s something that has always been there – a plant – us humans have simply cultivated it and nurtured it in order to create different varieties of the plant, each with there own unique effects. The most well known?active chemical within cannabis is THC or?delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol which is responsible for most of the sedating and psychoactive effects. There are at least 111 known cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant – with 7 of those being discovered?in 2015. The flowers of both main types of cannabis plants, indica and sativa, are what cannabis users consume. Both indica and sativa contain various different amounts of each kind of cannabinoid, and so are categorised by different strain names within either the sativa or indica category.


sativa_cannabis_sativaCannabis Sativa plants are characterized by their long narrow leaflets which branch further appart and tends to have a slightly lighter green tinge compared to it’s indica sibling. When the plant produces flowers, they tend to be much taller and produces?a lot less of them. Sativa strains are associated with stimulation and are often used to enhance creativity. Cannabis sativa plants thrive in countries such as?Colombia, Mexico and Thailand.


  • Uplifting and energetic
  • Cerebral, spacey or hallucinogenic
  • Best suited for day use


Sativa strains tend to have a high CBD:THC ratio which creates a stimulating effect that can create euphoria and?increase alertness. This makes them great for depression or social situations in which people would feel anxious. They are also commonly used to treat other mental disorders such as ADHD.

Our Favourite Sativa Strains



Cannabis Indica is characterized by much broader leafs which overlap each other. The colour of the plant also tends to be much darker, producing a flower which is much shorter and bushier. Indica strains are known for their ability to relieve stress as well as aiding sleep. Indica strains grown better in cooler temperatures originated from areas such as the Hindu Kush mountain range, and regions such as?Pakistan, Morocco, Nepal and Turkey.


  • Relaxing and calming
  • Body buzz or ?couch lock?
  • Best suited for night use


Indica strains contain a high THC:CBD ratio which creates higher sedating effects, making it a strain perfect for the evening. When given out medically, indica strains are commonly prescribed for insomnia, chronic pain, nausea and muscle spasms.

Our Favourite Indica?Strains


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Direct Line for Business reveals that over 1,000 cannabis plants are seized by police in England and Wales every day; where does it all come from?

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