UK Police Cannabis

Wrapped up in their own ignorance

In the UK cannabis is still very much illegal. The only legal medicine which contains any THC or CBD available in the UK is Sativex. You can’t just go to your doctor and ask for a prescription though. Sativex is only available to those who have multiple sclerosis. If you’ve got cancer and you use cannabis, then that’s too bad, you’re a criminal. If you grow, consume, or sell marijuana in any form in the U.K. it’s considered illegal, and police in the West Midlands want to make that clear with the formation of what they’re calling the West Midlands Police Cannabis Disposal Team or CDTWMP on twitter.

The first words on their webpage in big bold capital letters are “KEEPING YOU SAFE”. The page continues on, referring to the houses in which people grow cannabis as “cannabis factories” with “health and safety issues”. It then goes on to completely admit that their time spent going after cannabis is a complete misuse of police resources and efforts –

“a dedicated team of police staff now dispose of these factories. This helps police officers remain focused on crime fighting.”

UK Police CannabisWait a second, did they just imply that these cannabis factories don’t constitute as crime? Hmm…

– It gets even better when you head onto their Twitter feed. It’s full of posts trying to be funny, yet end up sounding like some terrible joke your dad has just made. In this first one they’ve even used #EatSleepRaidRepeat.

Over here in the UK?we have to pay about 5p for every plastic bag we use when we’re grocery shopping. But don’t worry cannabis growers, you can get yours for free! The cringe is unbearable!

UK Police Cannabis

This tweet has to take the prize for the most cringe worthy

The hashtag #EatSleepRaidRepeat is used continuously throughout their twitter feed and gets you wondering what sort of idiot is sitting posting all this crap 24/7. Let’s think about that a little more too. There’s 10 people in this cannabis team, that’s a lot of wages. They’ll also need money for their seemingly non-stop raids, equipment and all the other pointless stuff they do while taking down these apparently “very dangerous” cannabis farms. The further and further you read down their twitter feed the more you start to lose hope that things may change here in the UK and the more you begin to realise how backwards the cannabis laws are. All of the officers involved in these teams seem to genuinely believe that cannabis is a bad thing and that they’re actually doing good doing all this raiding.

The truth is that they’re hardly even scrapping the tip of the iceberg. By making cannabis illegal and condemning those who both cultivate and use it, the government and local authorities have ended up pushing the production and sale of cannabis underground. They seem to recognise that illegal cannabis production is funding other organised crime, but they can’t seem to get passed the idea that making cannabis legal could change all that. After all, you’d think the Tory government would jump on any opportunity to tax heavily, an plant which thousands of people use daily and will continue to do so, no matter what its legality is.

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