uk cannabis debate 2015

The 12th of October 2015 could completely change the course of cannabis legislation.

uk cannabis debate

Paul Flynn
GB Labour MP Newport West

A few weeks ago, David Cameron said that he had no intentions of pushing the decriminalisation of cannabis. Labour MP Paul Flynn was saying the opposite – lambasting that the drug war had failed and that cannabis should be as freely available as cigarettes. It will be interesting to see how Mr Flynn and Mr Cameron collide with each other.

The media in the UK haven’t really be that vocal about this debate, and I’m not quite sure how many of us here in the UK actually know that it’s happening. There’s a lot of strong opinion on both sides of the debate within the House of Commons, so it should lead to quite an interesting day for the path of cannabis legislation in the UK. Paul Flynn has urged MPs not to be “timid” and to stand up for decriminalisation and what the people want.

The debate will take place in Westminster Hall at 4:30pm.

Keep with us here at NewsTHC for more information on the UK cannabis debate as events unfold.

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