True OG is heavy, real heavy.

I can never say no to a good Indica, the sheer power and sedating effects from them are all you need at the end of a hard days work. True OG is a strain that stays true to its name…



The term OG originally refers to “ocean grown” and is usually used when talking about the different lineages of the strain OG Kush, to which True OG belongs. The strain originated down in Southern California and is one of the most popular indica strains in the south of The Golden State. According to en.seedfinder the story of True OG began in a place called Topanga Canyon where the San Jose collective Elemental Wellness bought 10 cuts of True OG for $50 each in 2004. Six years later they had won?2nd place in the indica category for their True OG strain. The years of growing perfection have made this strain an OG to be reckoned with.


True OG is heavy, real heavy. It comes on kind of slow, and eventually takes its toll on your eyes and check muscles, making you feel relaxed and at ease. After a couple of hits you’ll still be able to do any tasks or chores you had to do that day. Go for a second hit however and you might find it hard to get off the couch. Unlike other indicas which usually put me to sleep, I found that True OG didn’t make me want to head to bed, instead it put me into a sort of ultra relaxed state where sleep didn’t come easily as one would think.

The strain is a culmination of various different effects which come together in glorious harmony to create a feeling that no other strain produces. It’s not anxiety or paranoia enducing, and it’s clear to see why True OG is an award winning strain.


I once tried a strain called Deadhead OG and that is what True OG reminds me of. It’s a strange mix of earthy and citrus flavours which seem unpleasant at first, but I learned to love it after trying it in the vape. If smoked in a joint or a bong, the effects hit the head almost instantly. This forced me to slouch back into my chair after the first hit, leaving me feeling wrecked. The smell is definitely a complex one, and requires some time before your nose will be able to tell quite what you are smelling.

In the vape

In a vaporizer at high temperatures around 200°c-210°c, True OG produces gorgeous thick clouds of vapour that keep going forever. A little goes a long way with True OG with small amounts being more than ample for two people in the vaporizer.


true-og-strain-reviewTrue OG has all the classic traits of an indica strain. Large, dense, round nugs, with a scattering of orange and light brown hairs. The trichomes on the flower were some of the biggest I’ve seen, with large ones being visible from a foot away. The strain isn’t the most stand out of strains, but it’s certainly not one to be overlooked.


True OG certainly does enough to prove itself as a top shelf OG Kush variant, and should be sought out by those who require a quality, high class indica.


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  1. […] Scott?s OG, at least the variety of which I had the joy of consuming, was one of the more sedative strains that have been harvested by my lungs. I can definitely tell you from experience that if you like to wake and bake, prepare yourself for a day of not leaving the near vicinity for anything more than food or drink. However don?t let me fool you into thinking this strain will turn you into a complete couch potato, the cerebral effects of this strain can carry you through with work you may need to do at home, for me I managed to bash out a few paragraphs for one of my assignments no problemo. I definitely would recommend this as a relaxing evening strain maybe particularly good for consumers with sleeping ailments. The sedating effects are on par to strong indicas such as True OG. […]

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