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The TrainWreck strain is a mix between Mexican/Thai sativas and Afghani indicas. It’s been around along time and has become one of the most well known strains in California. It is said that TrainWreck is the creation two Californian brothers who were growing back in the late seventies. Whatever its history, the TrainWreck strain has become a legendary strain that will forever stick around.

TrainWreck StrainEffects

The effects of TrainWreck are pretty obvious from its name. It really does hit you like a train. The first hit provides an instant rush of adrenaline and cerebral head high. TrainWreck effects creates a high full of euphoric feelings and loads of creative ideas. As the initial effects begin to wear off, TrainWreck eases you into a stress-free relaxed state.

Taste & Smell

TrainWrecks aroma is very unique. After smelling it once you’ll probably be able to recognise it from then on. Many of the hybrid “wreck” strains have similar scents, such as the equally powerful OG Wreck. When smoked in a bong or a joint, TrainWreck creates a pleasant citrus/spice, almost lime like taste, that lingers in the mouth.

In the vape

I wanted to get the full effects of the strain in the vape, so I decided to crank the temperature all the way up to 210°C. I was using the vaporizer hooked up to my 1 litre bong. This way I was able to build up a huge hit of vapour which completed knocked me out. If anything the effects were much stronger in the vape when compared to combusting it.

TrainWreck Strain

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The buds we reviewed had a predominantly dark green hue with light green highlights towards the tips of the flower. There was also a good coating of trichomes which were complimented by lovely bright hairs.


For those who like a good kick to the brain when they’re toking, TrainWreck will definitely give you what you’re looking for. The initial effects are great for recreational users looking for a nice strong effects, whereas the after effects are suited to medicinal users looking for relief from pain, nausea, and stress.

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