Trailer Park Boys Season 12 Review Netflix

Netflix keeps allowing the boys to come back bigger and better than ever!

Trailer Park Boys Season 12 has finally arrived on Netflix and it’s one of the platforms funniest releases of this year yet.? WARNING: This article may contain spoilers.

Excels?right from the start

Right from the get-go Trailer Park?Boys Season 12 gives you everything you would expect from the show. I sat down to watch the first episode and began what would turn out to be an unplanned binge watch. The title of the first episode appears and reads, “Chlamydia”. I instantly burst into laughter and knew that this season was going to be good. Further in I realised that every character seemed to be back as strong as ever. Moreover, it feels as though Sunnyvale Trailer Park hasn’t changed at all, and that is exactly what I wanted. The familiar setting and the same ridiculously unique humour that Trailer Park Boys is known for.

The Ricky-isms are as strong as ever

One of the greatest comedic traits of Trailer Park Boys is Ricky’s misunderstandings and mispronunciations of words. His blunders are so hilariously absurd, yet somehow still completely make sense, making the blunder all the more hilarious. His consistency at fumbling up his words has become so well loved by fans that it has spawned the term ‘Rickyisms’. Some of Ricky’s classic foul-ups?have gained almost 6 million views on youtube.?

This season featured an episode in which Ricky decides to obtain a horse as a gift for his current girlfriend. Ricky, Corey, and Jacob are sitting in Rickys newly finished two-tiered?fort, discussing what to get Ricky’s girlfriend. Ricky says that he going to get her a farm animal with four legs. When Corey guesses Spider, Ricky exclaims, “No not a fucking spider. A spider has ten legs. A hornse!”. Can you perhaps guess what a ‘hornse’ may be? Ricky then sets out to find a ‘hornse’ and manages to acquire?one with a good looking “paintjob”.

Other than that, there is an abundance of Rickyisms to be found in Trailer Park Boys Season 12. I’m sure there’s some I probably missed but I’ll just end up finding?them more hilarious the next time around.

The Liquor is back in control

Seeing John Dunsworth for the last time was a very poignant moment and even though he looked a lot frailer this season he was still top class in performing Jim Lahey. Randy and Lahey continue to meddle with other people’s affairs and get into a bit more than they can handle. The pair of them frequently succumb to the power of the liquor and let it dictate their actions,? which ends up getting them mixed up in a bad situation with former police officer George Green.

Bubbles is?as industrious as ever and has begun his own brewing company in the trailer park. This becomes one of the major story arcs of the season and was a great way of linking the episodes together as a whole. The creation of the ‘Freedom 35’ beer might have been just a clever marketing trick, but it fit well with the storyline. It created a justified finishing point to the part of the storyline which follows the boys reminiscing about their past.

Reflecting on old times past

There are a lot of references to the boys past and the events of earlier seasons during many of the episodes. For example, Bubbles helps the boys remember the good old times by taking Ricky and Julian to visit the spot where they first came up with the idea for Freedom 35.?There are also a few scenes where young actors portray the boys as their younger selves. One of them shows the boys pulling pranks on a younger version of Mr Lahey who is still living with Barb. She also appears for a short while during a few of the episodes.

The boys do a lot of growing up this season, or at least they try to. Julian gets a job at the mall and Bubbles tries to start another business venture and go legit. The storyline follows along similarly to other Trailer Park Boys seasons. Where bubbles starts his own somewhat legal business and tries to make a living without doing anything greasy. But then Ricky, Julian, and other residents of Sunnyvale come along and ruin his plans.

Trailer Park Boys Cartoon?

The ending of season 12 is something that leaves much to be desired. I won’t reveal how it happens, but let’s just say it involves a whole load of mushrooms. Ricky and the rest of the boys suddenly transform into animated cartoon characters, Ricky exclaiming his excitement?and Bubbles freaking out. Not long after the gang has become cartoon?drawings, the show suddenly ends. Could this be a hint at a future animated series? I certainly hope so! An animated Trailer Park Boys could open up so many new comedic routes for the gang and expand their?humour even more.

As for me, I’m still waiting for the greatest crossover yet…


Source – Reddit

But seriously though, an It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia and Trailer Park Boys crossover would be one of the greatest comedic moments of all time.

Watch the official trailer for Trailer Park Boys Season 12 here

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