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The Trailer Park Boys start off in Orlando for their latest road-trip

The boys are back.

It’s been just over a month since cast-member Jon Dunsworth, who played Jim Leahey in the show, passed away after a sudden illness. This is the boy’s first release since the passing of their fellow cast-member and it brought up a strange feeling of loss for the show. Jon wouldn’t have been in this season anyway, but it was sad to see more new content from the Trailer Park Boys – thinking that Jon would never show his face in Sunnyvale Trailer Park again. It’s likely we will lose the character completely?from the show, as there are no plans to recast the role. That being said, I was certainly hoping the new installment of ‘Out the Park’ would be just as entertaining as the last, which took place in various?different cities around Europe. Warning, this post may contain some spoilers.

This season takes place across the US – starting in Orlando and finishing off in Los Angeles. The show’s plot is introduced in the same style as the last series. With the boys signing up for what sounds like a wonderful road-trip across the continent. When in reality it’s a tour of tasks and humiliation – controlled by the ever-unpredictable Tom Mayhue and SwearNet.

trailer park boys

The Return of?Commander?Bubbles

Once again at the knees of SwearNet, the Trailer Park Boys are tasked with completing ‘Astronaut Training’. At the behest of Bubbles, Ricky and Julian reluctantly agree to undergo the training so Bubbles can fulfill his dream of becoming an astronaut. Ricky and Bubbles both have a go in the aerotrim?and seem to have an enjoyable?time. When it comes to Julian’s turn, he declines at first, stating that he doesn’t want to go on because he would spill his drink. The next shot brings back the Julian ‘glass in-hand’ gag and brings it to its best level yet. I won’t spoil it, but the whole episode is worth watching just for that scene. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Bubbles tries his hand as shuttle commander. He takes control of the shuttle and attempts to land the simulator safely with the guidance of legendary astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who acts as copilot. The scene that ensues is quite hilarious and the cast does a great job creating a scene that makes you want to be sitting right there with the boys laughing your ass off.

“Neil Eggstrong”

After completing training, the boys head to watch a rocket launch. On the way, Ricky mysteriously?disappears and returns minutes before the launch. He explains that he had to sneak all the way around to the ‘Firework’ and store his weed on it, declaring, “If we have to ever go to space, we are taken care of in every way possible”. He compares himself to “Neil Eggstrong” as he was the “first person to send it up”. After this gag, I had to pause Netflix and laugh constantly for about a minute or so. I don’t know how the hell Rob Wells comes up with all the ‘Rickyisms’ but that is one of the best yet.

In Conclusion

Using the same premise as the previous ‘Out of the Park’ series, the show is able to remain with the core Trailer Park Boys humor and mix it into a whole new setting. It may have been nicer to see more of Orlando in the episode but I’m guessing there will be a lot more in the next episode which is Orlando Part 2. Each one of the three boys have excelled in their role at the beginning of this new season. Julian’s hilarious, yet deeply concerning alcohol addiction is as strong as ever, Ricky is still always looking for some weed, and Bubbles remains as loveable as ever, pursuing his dreams and chilling with his boys.

The next episode takes place in Orlando too, so we’ll be sure to cover what happens next in our upcoming Episode 2 review.

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