Looking for the best portable wax vape products of 2018? Then get ready because we have the top 5 wax vape products of 2018 right here for you!

As marijuana grows in popularity around the world, fueled by the recreational and medicinal legalization of cannabis by many countries, so to do the different ways that we can enjoy this fine herb. Portable wax pens and wax vaporizers are just one of the exciting products which we are seeing more of recently. Vaping cannabis concentrates is the future of marijuana, but there will always be a place for traditional smoking methods. Wax concentrates allow you to enjoy the full flavor profile of cannabis while getting the most CBD and THC. Portable wax vape pens allow you to vape your wax cannabis concentrates wherever or whenever you like. Offering users, a world of opportunity and convenience.

Here Is Our Top 5 Wax Vape Products Of 2018

1. In The 5th Degree ? In The 5th Degree by Prohibited is topping our list of top 5 wax vape products for its overall quality, value, and functionality. It?s great for waxes, dry herbs, and concentrates which makes it an ideal overall pen vape. Some of its key features that we fell in love with were the dual quartz/titanium coils, adjustable temperature, and great long-lasting battery life. If you have been searching for a versatile, yet portable wax vape, then this could be the one for you!

2. V2 Series 3x Dab Pen ? Another 3-1 wax vaporizer, The V2 Series is capable of vaping dabs, thick oil concentrates and waxes. One of best features of the V2 Series 3x Dab Pen is its affordability. Some of the great features that got us excited about the V2 Series is its multifunction capability, three unique temperature controls, stealthy pen style design, magnetic connections, and lightning fast heating.

3. MIG Vapor WASP ? The MIG Vapor Wasp made it onto our top 5 wax vape products of 2018 for several different reasons, but the number one reason was its stealth vaping. The WASP air vape pen was designed to be convenient, stylish, and stealthy. The pen style design is perfect for vapers on the go. It features rapid heating; you?ll be vaping your favorite waxes in 2-3 seconds flat.

4. The Keymaker Wax Vape ? Durable and reliability are combined to make the Keymaker one of our top 5 wax vape pens of 2018. This slim model wax vaporizer will make vaping your favorite waxes and concentrates a breeze! This affordable and micro vaporizer features rapid two-second heat up time, great accessories, and fully charges in under an hour. You?ll be able to easily slip this wax vape into your pocket for vaping on the go.

5. KandyPens Prism ? One of wax vape pens on the high end of the price scale, the Prism by KandyPens is a great stealthy wax vape. The Prism features different atomizer options which allow you to mix things up. We fell in love with the two atomizer options, the ease of use, and the delicious vapor this thing pumps out!

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