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Looking for the top 5 new cannabis strains of 2018? Then keep reading!

What many people considered good marijuana or strong marijuana 10, 20, or 30 years ago would most likely not stack up against the cannabis strains we can all enjoy today. As the drive towards legalization of cannabis and medical marijuana around the world continues to gain momentum, growers are using this increased demand to produce new and stronger strains of marijuana. Market demand is fueling the push for innovation across the cannabis industry, and here are the top 5 new strains of 2018 to look out for!

Deciding which are the ?best strains? is always open to debate, with no two people ever agreeing on which cannabis strain is best for them. Just as people?s tastes vary, so to do the tastes of different areas and demographics. Dispensary owners and growers do their best to develop strains which will appeal to the broadest section of the cannabis consumer market.

Top 5 New Strains of 2018

  1. Wonder Woman ? This strain comes in at a massive 25 ? 29% THC that will leave you buzzing for hours. If you suffer from anxiety, this may be a strain that you want to avoid. The Wonder Woman plant has luscious green leaves, with red hairs and vibrant white buds.
  1. White Tahoe Cookies ? White Tahoe Cookies is already available throughout the West Coast and is produced by respected growers Kush4Breakfast. White Tahoe Cookies is a hybrid strain that combines the best genetics of The White, GSC, and Tahoe OG.
  1. Aurora Indica ? Aurora Indica is a cross between Northern Lights and Afghan. It?s packed with a potent combination of both CBD and THC. Aurora Indica is a beautiful deep purple color with light purple crystals and has a sweet smell and taste.
  1. Blueberry Widow ? If you?re searching for a strain that delivers a knockout couch-lock, then the Blueberry Widow is for you. This sweet strain has a strong woodsy smell that?s natural and fresh.
  2. Sensi Star ? Last on our top 5 list of strains is Sensi Star. Sensi Star is 90% Indica and pumps out a very respectable 20% THC.

Guest Writer -?Ben Jackson

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  1. Hey, another fun weed/gov?t fact!
    The only federal medicinal plant garden that grows and researches marijuana is literally like 100 yards from where I sit right now typing this on my couch in Oxford, MS! Yep, there?s a shit ton of federally grown weed a football field away from me right now. The only federally grown weed in the country might I add. But, there?s a really big fence and a guard tower and I heard they?ll shoot you cuz something about trespassing on gov?t property and all. But still, kinda

    I love this post! I don?t have all that much experience but I definitely prefer Sativa. My Indica experiences were a bit too intense for my taste. I can?t claim to have tried a lot of strains yet but so far NYC Diesel is my favourite. I just love how my brain works when I smoke

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