In the US state of Wisconsin, it’s legal to consume cannabis for medical purposes in very restricted circumstances: only by people suffering from epilepsy or a seizure disorder. Recreational usage remains forbidden altogether.

Medical purposes had certainly not been intended when, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, a three-year-old consumed food made from “weed butter” and was shipped to hospital. As a result, Daniel Sykora faced a charge of child neglect, leaving him open to imprisonment for as much as three-and-a-half years.

A shot of Chippewa Falls. Photo: Randen Pedersen

A shot of Chippewa Falls. Photo: Randen Pedersen

What happened

St Joseph’s Hospital summoned police after the child tested positive for cannabis. The child was in intensive care for monitoring because it (the gender had not been disclosed at the time of writing) was lethargic and slipping in and out of consciousness.

The mother of the child informed police that Sykora had made marijuana cookie dough the previous night and left it on the worktop. Later, the child’s grandfather took hold of the dough after observing the child eating it. Hours later, he elected to take the child to hospital when he noticed their eyes rolling back in their head.

“It wasn’t me, guv”

Sykora denied knowledge of the cookie dough. When police officers expressed concern about how much of the dough the child had consumed, he replied that the child “should be all right”.

What comes next

Testing of the cookie dough for tetrahydracannabinol (THC, the ingredient of cannabis that makes you stoned) was inconclusive, so it was passed on to a crime lab for more testing. Sykora will appear in court on Tuesday 15 January 2019.

This wasn’t the first time, either

This is not the first occasion where a child in Chippewa Falls caused a stir by consuming cannabis. Back in 2014, 38-year-old Jason N Hetka received charges of reckless endangerment, child neglect and possession of cannabis. This was because his 15-year-old daughter ate a bar of cannabis-infused chocolate she had found in her father’s dresser drawer.

Stoned at school

At school, the girl appeared intoxicated. Her pulse was so weak that a school employee and police officer were unable to read it. A wrapper discovered in the girl’s pocket bore the label “Blue Kudu Chocolate”, read that the bar contained 22.5 doses of cannabis and bore the warning “Extremely potent. Do not eat all at once.” The girl disregarded the warning and ate the whole thing, the silly hoor.

The website of the Colorado company that supplies Blue Kudu Chocolate describes it as “[t]wo types of bold chocolate with a hint of natural oranges [that] makes this a chocolate lover’s reward that’s also rich in antioxidants” and adds the inducement “What’s not to love about that?”

Colorado permits cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes but doesn’t allow its mailing even within the state.

When police subsequently “visited” the father’s home while in possession of a search warrant, they found a bag marked “Colorado Bar” that was labelled as being medical cannabis. They also discovered 0.1 ounces of butane hash oil, a concentrated form of cannabis.

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