Thailand Police Seize 1.2 tons of cannabis

Police in Thailand seized an ungodly amount of dope

The insignia of the Crime Suppression Division, which concentrates on drug trafficking

The insignia of the Crime Suppression Division, which concentrates on drug trafficking

Police staged a truly massive drug bust in the north-east bit of Thailand on Tuesday April 5 2016, seizing 1.2 tons of cannabis worth 25 million baht (a whole ?500,000). The adventure unfolded on the banks of the Mekhong river in Bueng Kan province, bordering Laos (which, being French, is pronounced ?Lao? by those in the know).

How it happened

Acting on a tipoff, a large band of police and soldiers approached the drug runners, who were unloading drugs into an Isuzu pickup truck. 20 warning shots were fired into the air and, being warned, the gang fled by boat, with 30 gangmembers escaping to Laos. Police boasted that the 1.2 tons of weed they had recovered was ?a historical amount,? evidently not realising that they had been pretty useless by failing to apprehend anyone. The drugs were thought to have been destined for shipment abroad.

Talking about it is a discussion forum related to Thailand, often speaking of criminality by ladyboys – katoi in Thai – in Pattaya (it’s always Pattaya), farang (foreign) men ripped of by Thai women (watch out for Isaan girls, who are notorious) and sometimes Thai women ripped off by scammers. Turns out that sometimes relationships with bargirls work out. And if you ever get into a fight with a Thai, all his mates will join in.

One comment on this episode was to the effect that the warning shots were so that certain parties could ?continue getting the big, fat, brown envelopes? – the BIB (boys in brown ? Royal Thai Police uniforms are that colour) are notoriously corrupt, being woefully underpaid. Someone else remarked that there would be many stoned coppers over the holidays. A third party interjected that this was why this province, where 30 percent of people are below the poverty line, features more Mercedes than Kensington.

Cannabis grows in the wild in northern Thailand.

He dealt cannabis to fund his law degree

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