the price of weed

What really is the price of weed?

The has accumulated a bunch of numbers and statistics, analysed them, and came up with a handy little map which shows the average price of an ounce of weed in each state.

At the website, people can enter anonymously submit how much they usually pay for an ounce of weed, whether it be from a dispensary or certain other ways.

The map shows that when weed is legalised, the average price of an ounce will fall greatly. In the four states which have decriminalized or legalized marijuana – Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska – the price of an ounce has fallen below $300.

The cheapest weed can be found in Oregon, which has an average of around $204 for an ounce of high grade cannabis. Move to North Dakota however, and the price almost doubles to around $387 an ounce.

Even in Washington D.C. where cannabis has become legal for recreational use, but not commercial sale, the price of an ounce is still relatively high at an average of $346 for an ounce of weed.

Are you shocked at the price of weed? Or do you manage to get it a lot cheaper?

Source: Forbes


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