The Cannabis Industry is growing at an unbelievable pace. A lot of industries have grown as quickly and consistently in recent years as cannabis stocks. The cannabis industry could possibly grow by 25%-35% per year by 2021. This sales growth is a big reason why the stock investors have piled into this industry recently. The reason isn’t just the sales growth, but the shift in opinion and an increasing interest of consumers towards cannabis.

The cannabis industry can be a friendly or an unkind place for investors to park their cash, regardless of the sales growth, depending on the country. Weed is completely illegal in the U.S. Despite the massive support from the public to legalize recreational weed, the federal government of U.S has refused to legalize it.” In spite of the ban, you can get doctor-approved marijuana which is used to treat illness and injuries using your Marijuana Card.

Canada has become a bona fide playground for investor profits when it comes to marijuana stocks. Canada has legalized medicinal cannabis in the year 2001, and it has also legalised the sale of recreational marijuana to adults in the year 2018. Due to its increasing requirement worldwide, marijuana seeds like white rhino seeds are available at numerous e-commerce websites which are entirely dedicated to selling products related to marijuana. Because of its miraculous health benefits, CBD oil is also used widely. For example, in several places like Miami and Florida where CBD oil is sold at marijuana dispensaries.

However, there is an ever-growing list of cannabis stocks for investors to choose from. Previously there were relatively small number stocks but in recent years they’re seemingly escalated to more than 100 equities.

So, here’s a list of the biggest cannabis stocks you should know about:

1. Canopy Growth Corp. : $7.94 billion

With its market capitalization approaching $8 billion dollars, Canopy Growth is acclaimed as Canada’s first company in the marijuana market. The company sells its products under various brand names, but a particular brand named “Tweed” has been recognized the most due to its collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg. The company had been listed on NYSE in March 2018.

2. Aurora Cannabis : $5.33 billion

Aurora Cannabis Inc. incepted on the Canadian venture stock exchange in October 2016. In inclusion to producing dry cannabis, Aurora also received a license to sell CBD oil in January 2017. In May 2018, Aurora Cannabis acquired MedReleaf Corp. for $2.5 billion. Although it has given Canopy a run for its money, Aurora Cannabis has safely engaged the No. 2 position in market capitalization.

3. Aphria Inc. : $2.53 billion

Aphria calls itself one of the lowest cost producers of marijuana. It produces dry cannabis as well as cannabis oil of diverse qualities and strength. In 2018, their stock ran up after the company announced that it had endorsed a deal to sell its products via the online site of Shoppers Drug Mart, a major Canadian pharmacy firm. Over the year 2017, their stock has gained over 146%.

4. The Cronos Group : $1.37 billion

Cronos is a Canadian investment which is in the business of investing in marijuana growers. Cronos holds a 100% stake in cannabis growers “Peace Naturals” and “Original BC” and also a 21.5% stake in “Whistler Medical Marijuana”. The anticipated legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada helped in pumping up The Cronos Group‘s market capitalization.

5. The Hydropothecary Corporation : $965.05 million

The Hydropothecary Corporation headquartered in Quebec is the only licensed medical marijuana producer. The company has attracted investors because of its focus on non-traditional cannabis products. Hydropothecary has emphasised on expanding its cannabis extracts, oils, and powder line, as well as on medical marijuana strains that cost almost twice the price of the average per gram selling rate for the average quality cannabis strains.

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