tangie strain review

Tangie looks and smells as good as it sounds.

tangie strain reviewIf you’re a fan of citrusy strains then Tangie is going to be one you’ll need to try. This remake of the Tangerine Dream is growing in popularity as its taste continues to amaze.


Tangie gets its pungent smell from California Orange, while its powerful strength comes from a Skunk hybrid. This specific grow was 30% indica and 70% sativa. It has many of the same characteristics of the old Tangerine Dream, which was popular during the 90s.


The overall sativa effects of Tangie create a powerful head-high that comes on slowly. The strain gave amazing stress relieving effects and allows to you continue to focus on things you need to do without leaving you couched locked.


With a full orange flavour this is definitely one for the citrus lovers. The orange has a slight skunky hint to it which adds to the flavour. When first smoked tangie 2through a bong or a joint you’ll get a slight, yet distinct hint of citrus which will then be taken over by skunky overtones.

In the vape

For me the skunk flavours seemed to over power the orange flavour too much in the vaporizer and left me with a bitter after-taste. At a high temperature (200°c-210°c) Tangie produces nice thick clouds of vapour and goes down smooth. This strain seems much more enjoyable when combusted, as the strange taste when vaporizing kind of put me off.


Tangie looks as good as it sounds. Its buds are dark green with light tints on the outer edges. A few patches of orange hairs are scattered around a thick coating of sticky trichromes which will leave your fingers smelling of citrus for hours.

tangie 3Overall

Tangie is a great strain for those who like to really taste their weed. The strong orange flavour combined with a strong head high make this a great strain for the outdoors. Some users out there may find that they taste is a bit too strong however.


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