Super Silver Haze Strain Review

A combination of Nothern Lights, Haze and Skunk

Another super potent sativa dominant strain with a lethal THC content and intense qualities…


Super Silver Haze Strain ReviewThe Origins of Super Silver Haze are interesting indeed, its parentage boasting a combination of Nothern Lights, Haze and Skunk, leaves us a cannabis strain with very memorable attributes.


The sativa effects of Super Silver Haze finds its way directly into your brain that turns your thoughts to mush in the most pleasurable way possible. Anxiety and negativity don’t do well against a strain as relaxing as this, however if you find yourself taking one too many hits you will see how this strain’s brilliant relaxation qualities can be quickly replaced with an intense high that wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience for more casual smokers.

Super Silver Haze is a sativa dominant strain but it has indica qualities that can’t be dismissed. One bowl of this is enough for your limbs to feel very relaxed which can render one rather couch locked, but if you can fight past these effects, Super Silver Haze can still be a good day time strain for a day off outdoors.

Super Silver Haze Strain Review

Godlike Nugs


The taste of Super Silver Haze is a very distinct one, it creates a very smooth smoke that has a refreshing subtle taste of pine, not a repulsive smoke at all. Definitely worth trying in a joint or a bong.

In the vape

My preferred method to ingest any cannabis has to be the vaporizer, Especially when dealing with high quality strains such as Super Silver Haze. For this strain I used the Arizer Solo vaporizer at setting 4 then slowly up to 6. This allowed for 10 minutes worth of nice big vapory hits. However the most remarkable part of using a vaporizer with this strain would be its phenomenal taste; a strong but pleasant pine taste at first before turning into a faint lemony aftertaste.


Super Silver Haze Strain ReviewIf you like sativas and chunky ass nugs, this is your strain my friend. The nugs of?Super Silver Haze have
the density and chunkiness of the large indica nugs we have all seen, but also is composed of beautiful
spirals and calyxes of those fine sativa strains. The light green hue of the Super Silver Haze is completely coated by the white and yellow THC of this potent strain and complemented by dark orange, almost red hairs.


If your a fan of strong, face melting, mind blowing bud then Super Silver Haze is right up your lane. From the excellent pine and lemon taste to the strong cerebral effects and even to its amazing appearance, Super Silver Haze has something for all consumers and connoisseurs of cannabis. Will
definitely be picking up again.



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