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Snoop has done it again.?

A few weeks?ago Snoop Dogg?announced?his new cannabis media site “MerryJane”. ?Today he used the platform to announce his new line of cannabis products which will be coming to the market soon.?Snoop was at a party last night in Denver while he revealed the news.

?It?s a true blessing that I can share the products I love so much with y?all today,? Snoop said.??From the flower to?concentrates?and edibles – it’s all handpicked by yours?truly so you know it?s the hottest product out there. It?s the real-deal and you gotta get out to?Colorado to try it first!?

Leafs By Snoop Dogg Leafs By Snoop Dogg


“LBS is made up of a variety of products.?”Dogg Treats,” a branch underneath the Leafs By Snoop umbrella, will include Peanut Butter Gems, Gummies, Drops and Fruit Chews. Additionally, LBS offers a line of chocolate bars in six different flavors, made with fair trade, premium couverture chocolate infused with cannabis oil.”

The Leafs By Snoop range will also include eight different strains of flower: four indica-dominant hybrids, three?sativa-dominant hybrids and one high-CBD strain. If you decide to purchase flowers, you’ll be able to pick from three different sizes:?1/8 oz, 1/4 oz and 1 oz.


Leafs By Snoop Dogg Leafs By Snoop Dogg

Every product in his Leafs By Snoop line has been hand-selected by?the man himself. The LBS range will include flowers, concentrates and edibles which will be sold at various different dispensaries throughout Colorado.

Snoop Dogg

Source – [MerryJane]

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