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A change of mindset helped me cut down and conserve weed.

Ever feel like you just want to stop smoking as much as you do and conserve weed? There’s a neat little trick I’ve been using in order to help myself cut down a little on my smoking/vaping. It’s all about ‘experiencing the high’ rather than just ‘getting high’.

Smoking Too Much?

conserve weed

An accurate representation of most evenings.

I’ll say this to you and myself – I know I smoke too much. With many changes in my life?recently it’s been necessary for me to cut down on my intake of cannabis. I’ve finished university and gotten myself a full-time job. It seemed sensible to cut down.


During previous jobs where I worked in kitchens, I would always look forward to finishing work so I could head home and get buzzed and relax. However, now that I’m working in an industry that I’m passionate about I didn’t want to fall back into that old habit.

It’s All in Your Head

For me, it all began with a trip to Amsterdam – five whole days of walking around the city stopping at every single coffee shop we came across. I was so stoned-over after the trip that I decided to take a tolerance break. It was during this break that I discovered the wonders?of being sober once more.

Although?I didn’t want to cut out cannabis completely I decided that I would make more of an effort to enjoy being sober. As well as try to use my free time more efficiently – not just to get high.

Test Your Limits

I decided to try just smoking on weekends. I’d only smoke once per day – once on Saturday, once on Sunday. There were some urges to smoke in the first couple of days but going into mid-week I was feeling good. In the past, I was smoking more in order to maintain a constant high. Now, I was simply letting the high come then go. Try seeing how long you actually stay high before the effects wear off. You’ll be surprised at your newfound ability to conserve weed and

See the Difference

The full cycle of becoming high and the returning to a sober state was something that I had not experienced in a while. I found that I was able to sleep far easier during the very end of the cycle, just as the effects of the cannabis were about to wear off completely. I’ve since gone from smoking constantly almost every single day – to only smoking on the occasional weekend.

Try it if you like. Force yourself to become sober and to completely?immerse?yourself in it for a week or so. Then try some weed again – notice how different the high is and let it last from beginning?to end without smoking more. You’ll be surprised at how enjoyable it is. Experience?the high from start to finish every time and conserve weed while you do it.

If you’ve just come off a tolerance break, however, check out our list of strain reviews to see what might fit you best.

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