The US federal government has advertised a job position that includes using a whole lot of cannabis, according to a notice published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The business that lands the contract with NIDA will have a responsibility to create “standardized marijuana cigarettes” with various different strains.

Here’s a full description of roles responsibilities:

-Acquire hard-to-find controlled and uncontrolled drug compounds and/or drug dosage forms and analyze purity, authenticity, and stability of these compounds while storing them in a secure and DEA-approved facility and having the capability to ship these compounds to research investigators.

-Manufacture standardized marijuana cigarettes within a range of varying concentrations of delta-9-THC and analyze strength and stability of them at various intervals while having the capability to maintain a secure shipping facility and to ship marijuana cigarettes to research investigators.

-Manufacture nicotine research cigarettes and analyze them for required chemical constituents at various intervals while having the capability to store and ship securely these nicotine research cigarettes to research investigators.

Potential candidates must be able to demonstrate “extensive experience with and the ability to perform the above tasks,” NIDA’s notice says.

There is currently no information available in the NIDA job posting that indicates how much the contract will be worth. If you’re you think your business has what it takes to fill the position, here’s what you need to provide the government with:

(1) Experience: An outline of previous projects;

(2) Personnel: Name, professional qualifications and specific experience of scientists and technical personnel who may be assigned as principal investigator and/or project director;

(3) Facilities: Availability and description of facilities to perform the tasks mentioned above; and

(4) Any other specific and relevant information about this particular area of procurement that would improve our consideration and evaluation of the information presented.

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