When you send someone a text message offering to sell them dope, just make sure you don't have the wrong number, OK? Photo: Victor

When you send someone a text message offering to sell them dope, just make sure you don’t have the wrong number, OK? Photo: Victor

It’s bad enough when you send a text message to the wrong number, but it’s even worse when you’re offering to sell dope and the number is that of an officer of the law. That’s just what happened around 2 pm on Thursday March 1 2018 in Sumter County, Florida. The recipient was a sheriff’s deputy.

?Let’s meet on Broad Street?

The deputy replied and an arrangement was made to rendezvous on Broad Street in Sumter. The dealer described the car he would be in. At about 4:40 pm, just such a vehicle turned up at the specified location with four men within. Deputies staged a traffic stop and smelt cannabis as they neared the car.


When the car was searched, four deal bags containing what looked awfully like seven, one, 0.2 and 0.07 ounces of cannabis were discovered. Also confiscated were two sets of digital scales, a box of bags, three mobile phones and $269.55 of cash.

The penalties

The driver, 30-year-old Carol Tarell Wilson, was charged with possession, as was Michael Shannon, aged 21. Passenger Quinton Marqise Jackson, 21, was charged with possession with intent to distribute. The fourth guy escaped uncharged.

Wilson was released, but the other two miscreants are being held at Sumter Country Sheriff’s Office Detention Center and are awaiting bail hearings.

Other funny text message sent to the wrong number

Another of the funniest wrong-number text messages of all time was in 2011. It read, “Your father just died,” which received the response that he died in 1994. The texter called the recipient “a rude ass,” earning the retort that he/she was the rude ass because when someone’s dad dies, they deserve a phone call, “not a F’n text.” Or there was the one where someone spoke of a patient with an external iliac occlusion with cold foot pain and numbness that began three days prior. The recipient, named Hannah, who was not medically trained, admitted she wasn’t the intended target but had googled and advised the placement of a stent on the left radial artery. The sender, Matt, revealed that the patient did receive a stent, and medical professionals had taken three hours to work out what Hannah did in three minutes. Hannah asked if they were hiring.

There was another episode similar to the one above where the texter began ?Yo, Reggie!? and then asked if the recipient still possessed ?those killa budz.? The recipient replied in the affirmative and suggested the pair meet in the police department parking lot. ?Dude, won’t we get busted?? came the response. The recipient then texted, ?Probably, but you have the wrong number, and I’m a police officer.? The texter went, ?My bad, homie.? He’d presumably have been arrested if he’d been selling rather than buying.

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