Scott's OG Strain Review

A lovely outdoor grown indica dominant Strain with a high comparablity to Night nurse


Scott?s OG has interesting origins, apparently grown by a combination of Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #1. With the combination of these two OG strains, prepare your mind, body, and soul for this sedative indica blast.


Scott?s OG, at least the variety of which I had the joy of consuming, was one of the more sedative strains that have been harvested by my lungs. I can definitely tell you from experience that if you like to wake and bake, prepare yourself for a day of not leaving the near vicinity for anything more than food or drink. However don?t let me fool you into thinking this strain will turn you into a complete couch potato, the cerebral effects of this strain can carry you through with work you may need to do at home, for me I managed to bash out a few paragraphs for one of my assignments no problemo. I definitely would recommend this as a relaxing evening strain maybe particularly good for consumers with sleeping ailments. The sedating effects are on par to strong indicas such as True OG.


The taste of Scott?s OG is a very distinct one, and honestly it was not one of my favourites to smoke due to its unorthodox taste. I would say the enjoyment of the taste would be completely dependent on the individual for this strain. Scott?s OG has a very peppery taste that creates a harsh smoke that sometimes makes it?hard to have more than a couple of tokes. I?d still recommend trying it once in a joint or a bong for its unique taste.Scott's OG Strain Review

In the Vape

Before I speak about Scott?s OG in the vape let me talk about its smell. The smell of Scott?s OG was unlike most general cannabis smells, it has a peppery smell but with a slight tinge of sweet dark chocolate. Then when you break the bud you get hit by a blast of fresh lemon. Scott?s OG in the vape is a greatly enjoyable experience of the senses. I use the Arizer Solo on a setting of four (195?C) which gives a great sweet lemony pine flavour from Scott?s OG, definitely a strain for the vape.

Scott's OG Strain ReviewLooks

Scott?s OG is a great looking strain, if you?re a fan of high quality dense frosty nugs at least. The outside of the plant is composed of dark green leaves scattered with trichromes, with the occasional bushel of tiny orange hairs. Once you break into the nug it reveals a light green frost cavern of crystals.


When I heard of Scott?s OG I was definitely excited to try it, so when I had the chance I took it. It?s a great night-time medicine but with some awesome energetic cerebral effects. Definitely one to pick up with its unique properties of taste and smell.

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  1. How bout the grape, berry sweetness people? So purple lovely…

    1. Ct Mmj patient here. Great movement so far. Starkiller concentrate is So bright, skunky spicey & lovely. Phenomenal outta my 80% O-Pen Vape cart. Cheers!

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