If you try CBD but it doesn’t seem to work, you should ask yourself why this is.

CBD products sometimes don't work. Photo: Bindoid CBD

CBD products sometimes don’t work. Photo: Bindoid CBD

It’s a low-quality product

One study found that only 31% of the 84 examined CBD products purchased online contained the amount of CBD printed on the packet. So you might be taking much less than you need to get results. One trick is to only get products that have been independently tested. It also helps to deal only with reputable sellers and not just some shady person you found online. Customer reviews are another good idea.

The dose is wrong

With Aspirin, most people feel better after taking the standard dose of two tablets. But there’s no ideal dose of CBD for everyone. Results vary according to body weight, body chemistry and the type and severity of the condition you want to deal with. There’s likely a need for experimentation. Start off with a low dose, go slowly, and see how your body responds, You should leave a week between increases in the dose.

It just needs more time

Some people are fortunate enough to feel the benefits of CBD almost immediately. If you happen to not be one of these, fret not; this might be the time for patience. CBD weaves its magic by working on the endocannabinoid system, which is less active in some folk. Give it at least a few weeks, maybe even months. If this fails to work, try another brand.

You’re using the wrong delivery method

CBD takes many different forms, including creams, capsule, edibles, like gummies, oils, tinctures and vape oils. If one doesn’t work, try another. Digestion and metabolisation might reduce the effects of edibles, for instance. Creams could be great when applied to your muscles but might not be the best avenue to relieve anxiety.

It’s down to genetics

The bodies of somewhere between 15 and 20% of people produce more endocannabinoids, the cannabinoids made by the body. This is generally a good thing except it means they’ll receive less benefit from taking CBD.

You took it on an empty stomach

The acids in your stomach are very powerful. If CBD makes contact with these directly, it will be gone before you know it. Dilute the acids with food. The kind of food you go for makes a difference: a heavy fried meal or large cake won’t help. Make it complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

CBD works, but not as expected

It might be true that CBD works on you, but not the way you were expecting. With anxiety, for instance, the effects are subtle. It keeps you calm in situations that normally make you anxious. So pay attention.

It might just not be for you

People often take CBD to benefit their health, but it isn’t a silver bullet. It’s a supplement that often works alongside healthy lifestyle choices. If you have a bad diet, little sleep, no exercise and poor emotional hygiene, CBD may not be able to counter these.

About 5% of CBD users report side effects, with the most serious being liver injury. If you experience adverse side effects, lay off.

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