Our hero had one more. Photo: Niek Sprakel
Our hero had one more. Photo: Niek Sprakel

A Scottish judge informed a man wracked by unceasing pain in the face of which presciption drugs were no bloody good that this is no excuse for growing cannabis

When police searched the home of 35-year old Michael Gravil at Clyde Court in Dalmuir near Glasgow, Scotland, they discovered he had been growing cannabis. There were five ? count ’em! – cannabis plants ? that’s a SORDID CANNABIS FARM, that is. This thoroughly degenerate criminal mastermind protested that the massive haul was for the purposes of ?self-medication.?

Chez Dumbarton Sheriff Court this last week, Gravil made a surely tearful confession to the production of a Class B substance from April 1 to August 12 2014. Joanne Mortimer, defending, stated that Gravil’s damnable drug usage had been for a medical reason, just not the one listed in the criminal justice social work report that was concocted for the case. According to this, Gravil had been left in pain by a car mishap, but he was ?thoroughly baffled? as to how this came to be decided: he suffered from a back problem, which is what Mortimer professed he had told her ?right from the start.? The solicitor detailed how Gravil had been prescribed painkillers, but these had proven ineffective, so he turned to drugs, baneful as they most assuredly are.

Mortimer continued that Gravil’s self-medication left him obliged to purchase his vile drug from hardened criminals, ?and that was something he was not comfortable with.? So he resorted to growing cannabis himself, for which he had to seek information online. Mortimer added that ?custody is not an option,? as there was an alternative in the form of unpaid toil – ?a suitable disposal in the circumstances.?

Our hero had one more. Photo: Niek Sprakel - Growing Cannabis

Our hero had one more. Photo: Niek Sprakel

The Scottish equivalent of a judge is a sheriff. Sheriff Craig Turnbull proclaimed that Gravil had twice been collared for drug offences last year, but his latest crime was yet more wicked – of ?a completely different level.? He bloviated, ?If prescribed medication doesn?t agree with you, you go back to the doctor and get other medications.? He’s all heart. He levelled a community payback order upon Gravil dictating that this villainous villain perform 110 hours of unpaid work in the community to make amends for his villainy.

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