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A 57-year-old man found himself forced to run a cannabis farm in order to afford his mortgage

This is how David Unwin liked to spend his time. Photo: Danny Kresnyak

This is how David Unwin liked to spend his time. Photo: Danny Kresnyak

57 year-old David Unwin of Station Road, Shrewsbury, ran a cannabis farm, but showed himself to be less than a shrewd criminal mastermind by making very little money from the escapade and being hit by a ?3,000 electricity bill ? rarely for a professional cannabis grower, he didn’t abstract electricity; at least he would have been less of a fire risk. He had earlier pled guilty at Shrewsbury Crown Court to production and possession of cannabis and now has received a 20-month prison sentence which was suspended for two years, while also being compelled to undertake 140 hours of unpaid community work and an alcohol rehabilitation programme.

Visited by the filth

Police with a search warrant raided Unwin’s home in February 2016, finding a bedroom and loft housing a cannabis farm: 39 plants were close to harvest and 28 were between eight and 10 weeks away. There were also cuttings and old plants. Also found was a bag of flowering top cannabis estimated to be worth from ?1,500 to ?3,000.

The prosecutor, Nicholas Tatlow, told the court that ?experts? gauged the operation to be worth ?20,000 to ?40,000 a year, but text messages recovered from mobile phones in the house showed that the EVIL DRUG had been sold at low prices. Unwin told police that he had acted to pay off mortgage arrears.

An intelligent man behaved unintelligently

Kevin Saunders, defending, insisted that Unwin was intelligent, with a PhD in nuclear physics to prove it. He revealed that Unwin had struggled with alcoholism for all his adult life and turned to cannabis as a replacement; he has presently decreased his alcohol consumption markedly. He added that Unwin was ?not afraid of hard work.? He remarked that if Unwin was dispatched to what is known in Thailand as the monkey house, he would lose his own house.

The million-pound cannabis farm

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