Pigging Out on Pot

Queensland Weed

“No tokes for you Mr. Officer!”

A pig down in Queensland, Australia has been making the headlines recently after it was spotted munching down on a cannabis plant. Queensland police officers who arrived at the scene of the “disturbance” were quick to notice a “large feral pig” tucking into some lovely buds.

After failing to free the cannabis plant from the clutches of the pig, the officers quickly searched the premises on which the pig was on and ended up finding an additional 140 grams of weed. The property’s owner was subsequently charged with producing and possessing cannabis and is due in court later this month. The pig received no such penalty.

According to Leafly, “one Seattle?butcher feeds cannabis stems, leaves, and root bulbs to his pigs to give their meat a “more savory bite.”” Mmmm…sounds delicious!

Do you feed your pets “Treatibles”, Let us know in the comments.

Source – [Leafly]


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