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USAWashington DC consulting firm, Morning Consult, has compiled data which says that fifty-five percent of registered voters believe that the personal use of marijuana should be legal. It’s national tracking poll data also said that thirty-eight percent of those polled said that they oppose legalization and that eight percent were undecided.

Majorities of both men (57%) and women (52%) said that they support legalization. Among registered voters between the ages of ages of 18 and 44, over 60 percent endorse legalizing cannabis.

The support among politicians seems even higher – 63% of Democrats, as well as 59% of Independents support legalization. The same cannot be said for the Republican however, with 58% of them being opposed to legalisation.

This recent poll is a continuation in the trend of recent polls which have pointed to the fact that the majority of Americans now support legalizing cannabis. It’s just a matter of how and when.

Source – [Norml Blog]

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