The police didn’t even have a warrant

Earlier this month police in the UK raided the house of a youth worker and seized cannabis oil which he had been using to treat his Crohn’s disease. Since then, the symptoms of Marc’s* condition have worsened and he his sure that he “will be hospitalised within days.”

Marc tells recalls the event where police stormed into his home, despite his showing multiple medical forms which explained his use of cannabis for pain relief and other chronic illnesses. Marc also explained that he had had 5 operations in the last 6 months and “needed the plants to survive.”

No alternative but addictive prescription drugs

Despite his attempts to explain why he needed the cannabis, police eventually found his grow tent and seized his plants, put them in a black bag, and left. Marc now no longer has the one medicine which can make a difference to his Crohn’s disease. The only other alternatives “are as strong and addictive as heroin and fully available to be prescribed for long-term chronic conditions by the NHS.”

As it stands, cannabis is still a Class-B drug (on par with things like Speed, Ketamine, and Codeine) within the UK. Although the Home Office has said that they will review the prospect of medical cannabis, Marc thinks it’s not being done quick enough. “The law as it stands is immoral. The government could decriminalise it overnight and they should. Until they do, patients like me will be forced to act illegally to survive.”

What’s even more baffling is that the police didn’t even have a warrant, so were unable to arrest Marc. They have simply ripped his lifeline away from him for no reason.

*Name was changed for legal reasons.

Read the full story at iNews. @JennSelby

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Header image via West Midlands Police. – Flickr

UK government’s drug advisers: make medicinal cannabis legal

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