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cannabis grower

Are you a forgetful horticulturist ? Have you mislaid 37 cannabis plants in Moses gate country park ? if so please call into Bolton police station where we can discuss.

Posted by GMP Bolton South on Sunday, 16 August 2015

If you’ve been growing some cannabis in a park in Manchester, go check it now to see if it’s still there!

Some unlucky cannabis grower has had their entire crop seized.

Greater Manchester Police made the post on Facebook yesterday in the hope of using it to catch the owners of the marijuana plants.

Is that really what police officers should be doing during their time on the beat though? Hunting for cannabis plants, taking photos of them, and then posting it to social media? Probably not.

The post has gained a lot of attention by people on facebook with some hilarious comments.

“Al take an ounce please.”

But this one was definitely the best!

“They’re mine,please take good care and call me when they’ve flowered and you’ve harvested them,I’ll give you a free nugget or 2 for your time”


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