A tenant was evicted from their flat after council officials and police furnished a court with evidence of selling cannabis and anti-social behaviour. The property was on Churchill Road in the village of Mountsorrel near Leicester.

Mountsorrel looks very nice. Photo: zaphad1

Mountsorrel looks very nice. Photo: zaphad1

All about Mountsorrel

Mountsorrel had a population of 8,223 in the 2011 census. It’s the location of one of Europe’s largest granite quarries. While dead famous highwayman Dick Turpin is believed to have once lived there back in the 1700s, the most famous confirmed resident was Rosemary Conley, who created the Hip & Thigh Diet.

The council acts

Charnwood Borough Council obtained the order from Leicester Magistrates’ Court earlier in April 2022. It prohibits anyone from accessing the flat for three months and will be in effect until Wednesday July 6.

What caused it

Reports of folk selling cannabis and using it at the flat were received by the council earlier in 2022. It despatched a team, supported by the filth, to investigate. Cannabis plants were found within.

Residents speak out

A resident who preferred to go unnamed professed that there was usually “no trouble” on and around the street: “It’s a shock to me, if I’m honest.” She admitted to occasionally smelling cannabis, but thought that was “normal, these days.” She described Churchill Road as “a lovely, quiet little road” but admitted, “I’m not too sure what happens on the other end.”

Another person, who had resided there for “donkey’s years,” had also witnessed no problems: they had occasionally seen children running around, “but if there has been any trouble, I’ve paid it no mind.”

A third resident who is a mother-of-two remarked that she isn’t nosy and so doesn’t follow the actions of her neighbours closely. She believed that a little trouble was “unavoidable,” but generally “good people” lived on the street, “and one weed bust shouldn’t tarnish that.”

A fourth person, again anonymous, had witnessed some drug-related bother but didn’t feel any need to report it to the council; however, he “can see why some may have felt like they needed to.”

The council comments

Councillor James Poland, who is responsible for public housing, revealed that this was the third such episode this year. The council provided a reminder that tenants have responsibility for not only their own behaviour but those of visitors.

How selling cannabis can cause problems

Selling cannabis can cause problems to neighbours. There might be fights. Rivals might attack a property, breaking windows and suchlike. There could be noise, and people calling throughout the night might annoy residents. Drug users might beg people for money.

Landlords could be liable under section 8 of the Misuse of Illegal Drugs Act 1971 if they are aware of drug dealing taking place at a property they own. If someone is selling cannabis, they’ll be breaking a condition found in almost every tenancy agreement: using the property for illegal purposes.

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