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Vape Pod Systems, as the name suggests, refers to e-cigarettes that make use of a pod instead of the regular cylinder in vape pens. In a pod system, the reservoir, which may include the wicking system and heating elements, is one component, while the mouthpiece, battery, and other electronics are in another. The pod is used to hold the e-liquid which evaporates to produce the vapor that is inhaled by the user.

There are multiple benefits of using a Vape Pod, some of them being:

1. Portability

Vape Pod Systems are extremely portable and are perfect for people who like to vape on the go. You can even carry extra pods filled with e-juice for later use. When you finish your first pod, you disconnect it from the mouthpiece, connect the next one, and go right on vaping. The pods are usually transparent, allowing you to check the level of e-liquid in the pod.

2. Strong Nicotine Hit

As vape pod systems come equipped with sub-ohm coils, you can pair this sort of setup with a high-VG, low nicotine e-juice and still be satisfied when it comes to throat hit and get the nicotine you’re looking for. Ultra-portable devices also permit their use with nicotine salts – an all-new delivery method that allows for higher concentrations of nicotine without sacrificing smoothness or flavor.

3. Longer Battery Life

Vape pods come in bigger sizes which can accommodate a bigger battery. Depending on how much you vape, you may not need a spare vape mod battery if you leave home with a full charge or can plug into a USB port at work or in the car to recharge.

For instance, a vapor slide V2+ has a much longer lasting battery life. It has a 100% ceramic coil cartridge which guarantees great flavor. Moreover, vapor slide is small in size and extremely easy to carry.

4. Simple and Economical

Vape Pods are designed to be simple to use, and their target market is smokers who’re looking for a fuss-free alternative. It can be purchased at an affordable price while allowing the user to use the e-liquid of their choice. The replacement pods for the pod vape device are fairly affordable and offer superior quality vapor production and battery life.

5. Leak Proof

Pod vaping systems allow users to refill the pods with any type of e-liquid making them capable of giving vapers a broad range of unique vaping options. Since these pods are pre-built and use disposable cartridges, you don’t have to deal with leaking e-liquids that could spill and make a mess everywhere.

6. Draw Activated

The best vape pod systems are activated upon inhalation so a firing button is least of your worries. There is no hassle of powering on the device or fiddling with extra buttons. All you have to do to activate the device is to take a puff.

7. Wide Range Of Size and Styles

Vape pod systems come as open and closed pods- open pods are refillable whereas closed ones come filled with e-juice and it has to be disposed of after use. Choose a vape pod system that can be refilled with your favorite flavors. In the long run, it’s also a lot more economical to refill pods than to regularly purchase filled ones.

8. Easy To Maintain

Vape pods that contain the e-liquid have to be cleaned regularly to clear out any remaining taste of the previous flavor. Choosing a pod system with the e-liquid in a separate chamber and the battery and the heating coil in the same compartment make it easier to remove and clean or replace the coils. It makes the overall vaping experience very convenient.

9. Discreet

While Vape Pods can give you a strong throat hit, they do not produce thick clouds of vapors making it perfect for what is now known as “stealth vaping.” This is apt for people who like vaping discreetly in public or at home, where the dense fog of vapors is generally unwelcome.

10. Satisfaction

Vape Pods usually give more satisfaction to the user as compared to vape pens. The vaping experience is even more enhanced by using higher strength e-liquids or nicotine salt e-liquid options. This makes pods a viable option for heavy smokers as a safer alternative to smoking.

Researchers who have conducted studies on vaping and vaping styles have stated it be “certainly less dangerous to health”.

Choosing the right vape pod system is all about trial and error. There are several criteria you need to take into consideration like overall monthly cost, battery life and ease of use. But, if you?re looking for a vaping device that?s better than vape pens and a lot less cheap than vape mods, vape pods are the perfect fit. They are appealing to both beginners and veterans and can help you complete your transition to full-time vaping.

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