The Original Dampkring is one of the best-looking coffee-shops in Amsterdam, hands down.


Dampkring is a unique Amsterdam coffee shop located?in the Handboogstraat 29. It’s been serving the city of Amsterdam since 1993 and has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards with its impressively extensive menu. The coffee shop also appeared on Canadian cult classic mockumentary?series?Trailer Park Boys?during their stint in Amsterdam while filming Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park.


Before you enter the coffee shop, you’ll be met by its charming wooden exterior and colorful stain glass-looking details and windows.?As we entered the coffee shop, however, there were two gentlemen standing at the bar taking a toke on a joint. Suddenly, one of the men stumbled over and then collapsed on the floor, fainting. His friends got him to his feet and then gave him some water before trying to take him outside. As he stumbled towards the door, he began to faint again falling into another gentleman sitting near the door, spilling his drink and smashing some glasses that had been on their table. He apologized and then went outside to get some air. He had clearly smoked far too much than he could handle. After some water and air, he was back inside sipping on a cold drink. Under my breath, I said, “I’ll have what he had”.


The HashBar at the Original Dampkring

Apart from the occasional fainting man, upon entering the Dampkring, the first thing you may notice is a large glowing orb on the ceiling which provides the dim lighting for the room. This contrasts well with the colorful?wall lamps and other pieces of decor to give a vibrant, yet chill vibe to the Dampkring’s atmosphere. The hash-bar is tucked away at the back of the shop and almost makes you feel as though you’ve stopped in to visit some kind of trippy, medieval apothecary.

Prices and Selection

As like most coffeeshops in Amsterdam, there tends to be a good variety of premium and lower end flowers, hashish or edibles. I was pleasantly surprised?by how many different varieties of hash were on offer compared to other coffee shops I had visited. Some variations of hash were very expensive, with some going for ?22 per gram. The most expensive buds?were going for around ?12-?15. There was a wide selection of strains too, leaving me standing, staring at the menu for some time. I finally made my decision and opted for some good old Super Silver Haze which was ?12 per gram. Check out the full menu for the Dampkring to find out more about what they sell.


The pre-roll we bought burned perfectly and was exactly what you’d expect from a classic Dutch spliff. The weed was extremely?strong and gave me that classic initial head buzz that Super Silver Haze is known for. Afterwards, it gave me a long lasting euphoria which was perfect for walking around the colorful, bustling streets?of Amsterdam.


I’d definitely recommend?checking out Original Dampkring. If you’re ever in the flower market area then it’s a great little place to stop and chill with a smoke. It’s unique and quirky look gives the place a character that draws you in, and will keep you coming back for more. One of the best-looking coffee-shops in Amsterdam, hands down!

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