A Fitting name for a powerful strain

OG Wreck is a perfect example of a strain that is named correctly. This one’s a hard hitter, and you’ll be feeling it for a while after it ploughs through your entire body.


OG Wreck was created by combining OG Kush and Trainwreck to create a powerful strain that is a blend of one of the most well know strains in Northern California.


The sativa effects of OG Wreck hit the head immediately with rushes of euphoria and happiness. The indica side hits the facial muscles below the eyes bringing some gentle relaxation. Its powerful effects are useful for a whole range of medical problems ranging from PTSD to anxiety. This really wouldn’t be a strain suitable for those who are just trying cannabis for the first time. Its kick can be too much for some because of its intensity.


Similar to strains such as Trainwreck, OG Wreck has a strong pine scent which is complemented by sweet citrus hints which leave you wanting to stick your head in the bag and keep it their.

In the vapetrainwreck

The lovely citrus qualities of OG Wreck are enhanced even more in a vaporizer and are delicious at temperatures between 175°c-185°c. I also felt the muscle relaxing effects of this strain much more when I used the vape, and it would certainly be a perfect strain for those suffering with muscle stiffness.


The flowers produced by the plant are usually long, thin and very dense. Dark in colour with thick coatings of white trichomes, OG Wreck also features lovely long dark brown hairs.


If you’re someone who likes to feel like they’ve been wiped out by a shovel after a smoke, this is definitely the strain for you. The high THC content packs a punch which will be pleasing for those seeking both medical and recreational effects.


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  1. […] Many of the hybrid “wreck” strains have similar scents, such as the equally powerful OG Wreck. When smoked in a bong or a joint, TrainWreck creates a pleasant citrus/spice, almost lime like […]

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