OG Shatter Concentrate Review

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This specific shatter was a mix of various different OG strains. I can’t really say much else about it. I even asked the place where I got it and they were only able to tell me that it was an “OG mix”.


Now, I must say before I write this part of the review that this?probably isn’t going to be the most accurate rendition of the effects of this OG shatter due to the fact that I hadn’t consumed any form of concentrates for about a year. I made sure to pick out a huge chunk of shatter for my first hit – this way I’d feel the full effects. I probably took a little too much, but boy was it worth it! The initial hit is unlike anything you ever get from smoking flowers. I could hardly open my eyes, and for about the next hour all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and stare into space. After sticking some music on I was able to chill out and I was launched into a state of euphoric relaxation.

Taste & Smell

I’m a big fan of shatter, mostly due to the taste it gives off. This OG shatter had a lovely sweet flavour and a long lasting after-taste. I’ve never really been good at picking apart different tastes when dabbing, but this one definitely had a gorgeous taste to it! The smell is just as good, and starts of like sweet barbecue, then leads onto a fruitier/earthier scent.


I used a dome-less ceramic nail for this shatter. Ceramic nails usually take a little longer to heat up, but otherwise I’ve not really noticed much difference between the titanium ones you can purchase (if you know any please let me know in the comments). I seemed to get the best out of the hit and there wasn’t much residue left on the nail.


OG Shatter Concentrate Review

In the sunlight…

After opening the little container labelled “OG Shatter”, I was confronted with shatter that was a lot darker than other types that I’ve tried. I’d compare it to a curly wurley. Other than that, the shatter appeared to be of high quality, and definitely seemed worthy of the “Premium” title that the store advertised.


It’s nice to just get a mix of things sometimes. This particular OG shatter delivered varying effects which began with a face-blasting super hit, leaving me lying back in the couch. OG?shatter is great for those looking for superior pain or stress relief.

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