NYC Diesel

An exotic strain

NYC DieselDiesel strains are among some of the dankest strains out there, and NYC Diesel is no exception.


NYC Diesel has some exotic heritage. The diesel core comes from the prominent Sour Diesel, while the fruity exotic smells and flavours come from a male Afghani/Hawaiian. It’s a nice mix of indica and sativa and is perfect for medicinal or recreational use.


I was expecting more of a head high than a body high when smoking NYC Diesel but the actually effects were much heavier. When smoked from a bong or a joint the initial kick will go straight to your head and provide instant stress relief and euphoria. The effect is very similar to a Trainwreck type strain. After the head high begins to die down NYC Diesel will work it way down through the body creating a nice heavy medicated effect.


NYC Diesel is a great one to smoke in a joint or with a bong. It burns evenly and creates a nice thick white smoke which isn’t too harsh on the throat. The initial taste is of pineapple which then turns into a deep diesel taste.

In the vapeNYC Diesel

When packed into the vaporizer at a temperature of 200°c NYC Diesel gives a full on vapour which initially tastes of grapefruit/pineapple and then begins to provide a stronger flora/earthy flavour.


NYC Diesel has a dark green colour which can be mistaken for a lighter green on areas closer to the centres of the flower due to the high density of trichomes. The buds are small to medium size, dense, and packed with crystals.


If you’re looking for a strain that give you powerful, long lasting effects then NYC Diesel hits every mark in that department. A couple of tokes of this and you forget about all your worries and continue the rest of the day happy and relaxed.


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