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Now it comes with THC. Photo: Aaron Harmon

Ermont Inc, a large marijuana dispensary in Quincy, Massachusetts, has devised a way to take cannabis that requires no smoking or intake of sugar: a new tomato pizza sauce containing THC. The ensuing six-inch pizzas are then baked and frozen. The only available option is cheese. When making cannabis pizza, the THC can be put in the sauce or the dough.

Another benefit of the pizzas is that they are a more discreet way to take cannabis. In a press release, Ermont’s CEO and founder, Jack Hudson, described this as a ?more appetising way for our patients to alleviate pain and discomfort.?

What are the drawbacks?

The principal drawbacks are the high cost – $38 – and the facts that the pizzas can’t be delivered and require a patient or caregiver card from the Department of Public Health. Cannabis for medical reasons was legalised in the state in 2012 while for recreational usage, this occurred in 2016, with regulations not expected to be finalised until July 2018.

A lot of THC

There’s so much THC ? 125mg, as much as in a joint, compared to the suggested dosage of 10mg every two hours ? the official recommendation is that such a pizza shouldn’t be consumed by one person in one go.

What Ermont does

Ermont, which opened in October 2016, serves between 200 and 400 of Massachusetts’ 19,000 medical marijuana users a day. After three weeks, around 200 cannabis pizzas have been sold, with rave reviews in evidence. No more than two can be purchased at a time. Director of Operations Seth Yaffe told a reporter that people wished to medicate themselves without being reminded that they were doing so, which is scary. He added that people were initially ?blown away? by the fact that his company sells ?one of the better frozen pizzas that they have had,? while their being medicated was also ?pretty exciting for them.? The success of this venture has prompted Eremont’s employees – who all previously worked in the restaurant industry, with Yaffe a manager for 20 years – to wrack their brains for other possibilities with THC-rich meals.

Better than painkillers, no?

To a CBS camera, Wes Francoise commented that he wished to not take painkillers, leaving cannabis as ?the only thing that helps.? Cannabis pizza, he explained, is ?a great substitute? for painkillers and he saluted Ermont’s creativity.

What else can you get?

Ermont conducts its cannabis-growing, cooking and selling in one location, to the rear of an industrial lot off Ricciuti Drive. While weed brownies are the best-known form of cannabis edible, Ermont has found that savoury products are more popular then sweet ones. In addition to cannabis pizza, it offers a vast range of THC-infused food products including apple crisps, cheese, chocolates, cookies, lemonade and macaroni with cheese. Honey, peanut butter and olive oil are the best-selling. Vegan mayonnaise is in the works.

Meanwhile, in Asia

Cannabis pizza is already a traditional meal in Asian countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam. It is called ?happy pizza,? and the establishments that sell it often have the word ?happy? in their name.

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