Cannabis Travel Guide

Have a seat, bite into an edible, sit back, and enjoy your flight before your flight.

Airline travel can be a stressful experience. Whether minor or major, you’re all but certain to endure the purgatory all U.S. airports have the capabilities sentencing travelers to. However, there are ways to ease the suffering. The closest pub always works best. In fact, the watering-holes in american airports are a great place to sit and enjoy a tasty adult beverage with others who are held captive in the same beast as you. While the rise of restaurants & bars are more prevalent, as well as popular retail outlets and coffee houses, nothing quite beats the stress relief of cannabis. To eat a an cannabis infused edible, having a seat, and enjoy the sights. Especially in highly active public areas such airports. Thus, the Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Your Cannabis. (Please note, this is for documented medical marijuana patients traveling from airports traveling to another state within the United States.)

Now, even though this may seem counter productive to easing your anxiety (bringing weed to an airport!), the actual experience is less stressful than one would think. Just be calm, and the experience will go fine. First, check the laws regarding possession of marijuana in your state. The setting for this will be the state of California. Next, bring an amount that is noticeably for ?personal use?. Now?..if a pound of weed fits into your ?personal daily usage?, then one would suggest you find a different travel route and travel Agent. For a short getaway, nothing more than half an ounce should be suggested. Again, know the possession laws in the state of which you reside.

Packaging is everything

Next, pack your meds (bud, oils, edibles, etc.) in a separate small travel bag or case that can also contain your papers or pipe (preferably glass pipe), and lighter. Make sure your cannabis is also stored in a plastic container. Pre-rolled joints stored in cardboard or plastic cigarette containers are also great. For ease of mind, store the cannabis in a plastic-airtight sandwich bag to help with the odor. Now place your new cannabis case inside your carry-on. You are all set! No hiding in ?body cavities?. No strapping bricks of Weed to your torso or legs?.or at least what’s done in the movies! Next step?.get yourself to the airport.

Sneaking by the TSA…

Cannabis Travel GuideThe first and only obstacles are TSA Agents. They too, suffer in the same hell you are about to face. Long lines?.and an endless sea of individuals with one goal in mind; to get to the other side. So, one must learn the second step of your cannabis getaway adventure. Following the TSA guidelines, place your carry-on bag on the conveyor belt to be scanned. Here’s where following the Traveler’s Guide to Traveling With Your Cannabis guidelines help. The scanners or x-ray machines the TSA use display everything but organic materials. cannabis is made from good ol?, Earth grown, organic materials. Thus the importance of containing your stash in cardboard or plastic. Also the TSA, who are federal agents but not the DEA, are more concerned with hazardous or flammable materials. For domestic flights, the drug sniffing dogs you see, are in fact bomb sniffing dogs, and have a different mission altogether. The Cocaine K-9?s usually police international flight areas. It’s important to also note that your stash stays in your carry-on, and not be subjected to random searches by?the TSA that your luggage can be subjected to, or stolen by a greedy handler. Those little boogers!

Once you pass the TSA, your Scott Free! Have a seat, bite into an edible, sit back, and enjoy your flight before your flight. Once you land, take 2 puffs, and pass the joint to your friends, and share your story of your new cannabis adventure!

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