DEA Weed

DEA Weed

Finally the DEA are making some progress.

New DEA head Chuck Rosenberg told reporters earlier this week that he thought marijuana was “probably not” as bad as heroin, claiming however that it was still “harmful and dangerous”.

During a press berifing on Wednesday at the administration’s headquarters he made wanted to make his view on the issue more clear by saying that “heroin is clearly more dangerous than marijuana,”.

There were no cameras allowed into the press briefing, but DEA spokesperson Joseph Moses confirmed Rosenberg’s statement to The Huffington Post.

After previous DEA heads completely denying the medicinal effects of marijuana, it seems that this is a big step forward in the way the DEA project their image to the public. After years and years of misleading the public into thinking that cannabis has all the destructive attributes akin to heroin and cocaine people are finally beginning to see the truth.

Source – The Huffington Post

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