Jews are, apparently, the force behind cannabis legalisation. Photo: Marcin n?

Jews are, apparently, the force behind cannabis legalisation. Photo: Marcin n?

What is regarded as the largest neo-Nazi website in the world, Daily Stormer, recently posted to the effect that Jews favoured cannabis legalisation because they were behind the steadily growing legal cannabis industry in order to leave people so drugged-up they failed to notice Jews were taking over the world.

Daily Stormer’s editor, Andrew Anglin, remarked that he found it ?personally disgusting? that a generation of children was growing up ?baked in this noxious substance.? However, he added, there is great support for cannabis legalisation amongst the public, although the majority of the cannabis industry is Jewish-owned.

The proof!

Some support for the proposition is that Saul Kaye, chief executive of iCAN (Israel-Cannabis) called the cannabis industry ?very Jewish? and claimed that 20 to 30 percent of the attendees at his conferences were Jewish. Peter Rosenberg, a partner at Merida Capital Partners, an equity fund that invests in companies that serve the cannabis industry, declared, ?Oh, yes. It’s definitely true.? And Israel has been at the forefront of research into medical marijuana.

Getting the Ku Klux Klan on your side is great for publicity

Anglin was echoed by David Duke, formerly Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, who implored the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ?get serious and do your job!? in response to the state of California’s legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes. He asked why the Department of Justice wasn’t prosecuting ?these lawless politicians? who ?belong in prison.?

Anglin’s drug intake

Anglin is no stranger to recreational drugs. Last year, The Atlantic reported that in his youth, he was ?deeply into drugs? that included LSD, ketamine, magic mushrooms and coke. He also ?chugged Robitussin,? a cough syrup, to the extent that he damaged his stomach and would puke into rubbish bins at school.

And he isn’t alone

Anglin suggested that his white male audience would have experienced similar problems with drugs, including alcohol: ?Many of us have struggled with substance abuse.? One reason he gave was that they felt emasculated.

One commenter by the name of Pork Chop posted ?Andrew, stop it. Weed is great.? The website’s fans were, however, broadly in agreement. One commented that Jews wanted the goyim to take drugs and so it was ?endlessly glamorised? by the media.

One drawback of cannabis legalisation quoted was that ?Weed kills your sperm count.? And, OK, that one’s true It’s ?another part of white genocide.?

The idea came up as early as September 2017 at Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, where one student minister, Wesley Muhammad, described cannabis legalisation as an attempt to feminise black US males.

Anglin does at least see ?Moslems, Mexicans and trannies? as ?more threatening threats? which were considerably easier to target as they lack the popular appeal of weed. And the alt-right taking a stand against drugs is highly ironic considering Adolf Hitler’s copious drug intake: he was taking 82 different medications by the end of the war, of which one was for anti-flatulence and had strychnine as an ingredient and another was Viagra-like and made from the semen and prostate glands of young bulls.

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