Motorbreath is a heavy hitter full of complex tastes. Perfect for flavour connoisseurs and potency seekers.


The Motorbreath strain combines two very well-known strains, Chemdog and SFV OG Kush. Its powerful affects have managed to get it some top awards in the THC Championship, with 1st place for recreational hybrid in 2015 and 2nd place for recreational indica in 2016. This particular concentrate comes from West Coast Alchemy, and was absolutely delicious.

Motorbreath Effects

Motorbreath is an extremely potent strain. It can often catch the most experienced users off guard with its high THC content (sometimes up to 28% in flower form) and the way the effects creep up on you. The effects are predominantly indica, giving way to heavy relaxation and often sedation with heavy use. The SFV OG is still there however, and leaves a mellow clear-headedness that balances with the sedating effects rather well. This particular portion from West Coast Alchemy was labelled at between 70-120µg.

Taste and Smell

Motorbreath is particularly fitting name for this strain. The sweet, earthy tones of SFV OG Kush mix with the pungent, diesel smelling Chemdog to create a strong grassy citrus effect that is pleasant to the nose.

As I’m a fan of the diesel flavours that come from this strain, I was often inclined to use low temps while dabbing. Live resin in general provides an amazing flavour spectrum for users to enjoy, but the tastes given from Motorbreath are certainly outstanding. A citrus / diesel burst, followed by a kushy aftertaste. West Coast Alchemy really have outdone themselves with this one.

On the Nail

Personally, I prefer low temps for strains like Motorbreath, even more so for concentrates. The flavours produced at low temp (315-450°F) kept me coming back for more, offering up a complex and enjoyable taste experience. At high temps, you will mostly just get hints of kush and a quick intense hit. Perfect for those of you who are looking to feel the most powerful effects of the strain.


I unfortunately didn’t get a photo of the full portion and only had a small amount left. It had quite a creamy, playdough like consistency. Slightly darker in colour than most resins I’ve had, with that perfect gloss like sheen that indicates high quality.


Big thanks to the guys over at West Coast Alchemy who created this amazing concentrate. A great pick for those looking for a heavy hitter, or a complex variety of diesel/citrus flavours. Maybe a strain to stay away from if you’re just starting out. But why not have your first concentrate experience be a memorable one?

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