A 21-year-old mother in Utah has been charged after she gave her three-year-old daughter THC-laced butter. Her GRIEVOUS SIN came to light after she called police to her home in Payson on February 13 2020 because six men were fighting. One of the men was taken into custody for an assault on a black Mormon missionary – a hate crime. On February 18, Ravyn Lydia Hargrave found herself facing charges of cannabis distribution, a second-degree felony; child endangerment, a third-degree felony; and drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, both class B misdemeanours.

Payson's Mormon Temple. Photo: Edgar Zuniga Jr.

Payson’s Mormon Temple. Photo: Edgar Zuniga Jr.

The fight prompted Hargrave’s call. Three of the men had also allegedly slashed the tyres of a car. When police arrived, they found Hargrave, the men, plus a 16-year-old boy who shared the address and Hargrave’s three-year-old offspring. One of the men, also a purported tyre slasher, was 19-year-old Sebastian Francis West, who was at the time sought by police for an assault on a black missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints – a Mormon – on January 28. Two of West’s brothers – 20-year-old Malachi Bay West and 19-year-old Nathan W. Thomas – were also arrested. Charges of assault were laid against all three. For the sake of completeness, this is a third-degree felony.

Police spoke to the complainant in an upstairs bedroom. There, multiple items of drug paraphernalia were lying around. These were bongs, grinders, pipes and scales. These prompted the officers to obtain a search warrant to go over the residence more thoroughly. There were also knives, described by police as “soiled”, and a sword on the floor, alongside the three-year-old’s toys. The police affidavit described these and some alcohol as “easily accessible to the 3-year-old.” Making matters worse were some missing floorboards in areas the child often used. The sword was actually on top of some toys.

In the fridge, police found what Hargrave termed “marijuana butter”. Field-testing found it to be THC-laced. She had made this herself and given it to her daughter and the 16-year-old as an “experiment” to observe its effects. She also gave some to other adults who lived in the same house. Most recently, she had fed her daughter the butter two weeks prior. Her body was also THC-laced: she tested positive for it. She will appear in court on Thursday 12 March. Her bail was set at $5,000 and, failing to cough up, she ended up at Utah County Jail. The Division of Child and Family Services took custody of the little girl due to “exigent circumstances.”

THC-laced butter is preferable for people who prefer not to smoke. It’s made by adding colander to some butter, along with the dope. It’s possible to use weed. The butter is commonly spread on toast or added to a baked potato. In this latter instance, don’t forget the bacon bits and chopped scallion. More ideas for cooking with cannabis can be found in Laurie Wolf’s book, Herb.

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